Fantastic fitness gear under 500 pesos (and where to find them)

Adapting to the new normal does not mean sacrificing health and fitness. In fact, having to stay at home means sparing yourself from the usual hour or two of being stuck in traffic to and from work. There are various workouts you can try that do not require having to leave the house.

If you are eager to jump on the #BalikAlindog program, check out this list of affordable fitness equipment you can purchase online! A big bonus: all of them are worth less than 500 pesos!

Jump Rope

Buy from Lazada for 175 pesos | Buy from Decathlon for 340 pesos

One of the best ways to get your heart racing is to use the jumping rope. A simple and straightforward fitness tool, using a jump rope in your workout routine can lead to burning tons of calories. In fact, 15 minutes of jumping rope has a burn rate of up to 300 calories! A jump rope routine is perfect for cardio, better breathing, and improving coordination.

Exercise Mat

Buy from Lazada for 175 pesos | Buy from Decathlon for 340 pesos

If you love doing exercises on the floor and practicing Pilates or Yoga, a very important item to have is a sturdy exercise mat. Aside from providing comfort while doing a workout routine, it can give the user a better grip, improving their stability and balance, which entails avoiding harm and injury. Having one with great durability and quality will highly improve safety and security while trying to be a better version of yourself.

A Pair of Dumbbells

Buy from Lazada for 99 pesos for a pair of 1-pounders, 199 pesos for a pair of 2-pounders, and 299 pesos for a pair of 3-pounders | Buy from Decathlon for 300 pesos for a pair of 1 kilogram dumbbells

Strength training is essential in building a fitness regimen and that can be easily addressed by incorporating a pair of dumbbells. Depending on your current abilities, there are different weight options to choose from. More than that, dumbbells, though not as heavy as barbells, are perfect for activating muscles and allows the user to express a wider range of motion. Additionally, dumbbells serve a great purpose of adding intensity to other types of workouts because of the extra weight.

Resistance Band

Buy from Lazada for 293 pesos | Buy from Decathlon for 300 pesos

Resistance … is futile! For people who are looking to add something extra to their workout, a resistance band is the product to buy! Aside from being small, lightweight, and easy to store, resistance bands are perfect for leveling up and progressing exercises, as well as utilizing and toning more muscle groups.

Agility Ladder

Buy from Lazada for 457 pesos.

As crossfit training became popular in the Philippines, so did one of its exercises: agility ladder training. It is a great way to mix up your usual workout routine and it is a sure way to get the heart racing and burn some calories. It also improves a person’s speed, coordination, and reaction time — perfect for all fitness enthusiasts.

Getting into shape and reaching your ideal body is not equivalent to shelling out tons of money. Even on a budget, there are many exercises that require little to no equipment at all. So pick an exercise routine of your choice, purchase these cheap workout essentials, and start getting fit at home today.


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