FreebieMNL - Gifts for the Online College Student

Gifts for the Online College Student

Got a student living in your household? Or do you just have a friend who’s been pretty stressed with online requirements?

Due to the pandemic, online classes have made school and learning much more difficult for students across the country. Between juggling home responsibilities and school requirements, these students no doubt feel stress and uncertainty like never before.

If you’re looking to ease some of this pain, try gifting one of these items for your typical college student.

Desk organizer

With the blurred line between home life and school life, college kids are probably having a hard time keeping all their things in the right place. Solve this problem by gifting your student-friend a desk organizer! Analogue Lab has a number of desk and table organizers to help balance out all the chaotic things in life.

Power planner

FreebieMNL - Gifts for the Online College Student
Photo from Belle de Jour Power Planner/Facebook

Planners are a must for any college kid. They serve as reminders for important deadlines and can help students keep on track in the middle of a hectic week. Belle de Jour is one of the best planners for go-getters looking to keep their life organized. Their one-of-a-kind power planners have spaces for long-term goals, cash and menstrual trackers, and even mood meters!

Reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are a simple gift that can help improve focus and loosen tension. These will definitely come in handy for busy students that are studying for exams or doing homework. Luckily, Favori offers these, along with special aroma oils and aerators for the most relaxing study sesh.

Weighted blanket

Sometimes, all students need is a big hug. While you may not be able to offer such comfort in person, you can do so with a soft weighted blanket. These have proven to reduce stress and anxiety and can pretty much guarantee your student a more comfortable sleep. You can find these blankets at shops like Better Sheep and Deep Blue Sleep.


What would college be without a good drink every now and then? Gift your college friend some boozy drinks for a quiet dinner in, a wild night with the gals, or even just a weekend destresser. Try out alcohol delivery services like Tipsy Cart and Soju Express to get the drinks delivered right to their door!

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