Gifts You Shouldn’t Give This Christmas

Christmas is just a couple weeks away and the Christmas shopping rush is running strong. Shoppers all around the globe are scrambling to pick up presents for their friends, family, and co-workers in a mad dash to get it all done before Christmas Eve.

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Gifts You Shouldn't Give This Christmas

Though it may be difficult to come up with an individual present for each person you’ll be giving to, we have a couple of examples of gifts you shouldn’t be handing out this holiday season. Have a look.


Pets aren’t gifts; they’re living, breathing animals that are life commitments. Many animals end up abandoned and in shelters every year once people realize that pets are hard to take care of. So yes, puppies and kittens make for cute gifts, but no, they aren’t good ones. Maybe start out with a stuffed animal instead.


So many things can go wrong when you choose to gift clothes. Aside from the fact that it could be the wrong size, the clothes given can be totally different from what the recipient likes to wear. Unless they specifically asked for that top or that jacket, it might be best to think of something else. Or just get a gift card to their favorite shop. Anything works.

Exercise equipment

You can probably give this to someone you know is a fitness fanatic, but in our opinion? Just play it safe. Sometimes, it’s easy to misinterpret a gift, even though you had good intentions. Giving someone exercise equipment might be telling them to lose weight or shape up. If this is the only gift you can think of, try and find out what other things the person likes.


Keep it classy and skip the cash. As adults, giving other adults straight up cash for Christmas can be a little off. It may imply that the other person is going through rough financial times or that you really didn’t exert effort in finding a proper present. If you want a low-maintenance gift that makes it look like you still thought of something, go for a gift card or gift basket. At least it’s something!


This gift is admittedly a bit outdated. As we continue on through the digital age, physical calendars have become obsolete. Nowadays, people plan their events and tasks through their phones or computers. Need an idea to replace the calendar you already bought? A more apt present may be accessories for their phones, computers, or digital planners.

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