Five Heartwarming Gift Ideas For A Cozier Christmas

Make the Holiday season a little bit warmer with these Christmas gift ideas!

The slightest brush of December breeze makes our feet and palms cold, and as the wind continuously ushers a cozy kind of chill for the Holidays, the need to wrap ourselves warmly comes as satisfying.

Be it in the form of a hug, a hot soup, a mug of chocolate, or a small present, there’s no denying the comfort that they bring. 

So, for anyone who is still undecided about what to get for friends and family this Christmas, send them your tightest embrace with these heartwarming items that radiate extra warmth and comfort. 

Yankee Scented Candles 

Christmas Gift Ideas

Nothing speaks more of warmth than a candle that fills the air with either a familiar smell or a newfound favorite scent. As smell holds power to bring back memories, it would be nice to give this gift set to a loved one in hopes of making a fond keepsake that is both meaningful and reminiscent. 

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Emma Buy-1-Take-1 Pillows 

Christmas Gift Ideas

When a hug does not suffice, maybe it is time to get your friend a memory foam pillow from Emma. Equipped with layers in varying firmness levels, this pillow allows one to customize the softness and height to their liking, thus, giving your loved one a sense of extra comfort as you tuck them in at night. 

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Forever 21 Cotton Cardigan 

Christmas Gift Ideas

Just another cold-season essential and gift-giving favorite are cardigans. Aside of course from the warmth they bring, many find it practical to give such since they are heavily usable and (not to mention) stylish during the Christmas season. 

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Twinings of London Lemon and Ginger Infusion

Christmas Gift Ideas

Tea warms the heart as much as it calms the nerves. This claim is particularly true for the people who “dig” too much food on Noche Buena. And so, in hopes of calming a bloated tummy for another round of dessert, a cup of Twinings Lemon and Ginger tea will surely do the work. 

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Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 

Christmas Gift Ideas

For some, probably just one of the fondest memories of Christmas is waking up to the smell of hot chocolate in the air. The smell, familiar only with the company of cold breeze, signifies that Christmas has finally arrived, and what better way to start the fun with a glass of a hearty Swiss Miss. 

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Christmas is just a few sleeps away. One can recognize its eventual arrival just by the sounds of the carols, the blinking of Christmas lights, and our constant craving for warmth. So make this one a memorable celebration by giving hearty and warm to your loved ones. 

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