Check Out Jessica Alba’s Remodeled Patio

Jessica Alba recently remodeled her patio and the results are amazing!

The patio is a part of the actress’s official workspace at Summit House Studios, a loft she bought with her best friend and production company co-founder, Lizzy Mathis.

While the studio space at Summit House was renovated earlier this year, the loft remained unused. Alba thought to redesign the space into something she could use for both work and play.

Check Out Jessica Alba’s Remodeled Patio
The original patio space
Photo by James Aitken

The duo partnered up with Amazon to bring in special pieces that work well with the lifestyle content on Alba’s YouTube channel. Check out the video about the makeover here:

The mother of three told Good Housekeeping that she specifically “honed in on a modern boho vibe” and incorporated rattan furniture and muted tones into her design. She also sought to keep the functionality of the loft area.

Photo by Tom Gault

“The patio gets really hot because of all of the direct sunlight, so we centered everything around the Safavieh umbrellas and PURPLE LEAF pergola,” Alba added.

The patio area also features an outdoor bar, grilling area, cozy hangout spot, dining area, and mini garden — all spaces meant for the family to enjoy.

Photo by Tom Gault
Photo by Tom Gault

“It can be cozy and beautiful but it just has to be functional because we both have kids,” she explained.

Aside from the functional spaces, Alba also thought to include functional accessories. She utilized outdoor rugs for to decorate the floor and throws and blankets to cover the couches.

She claimed that the throws and blankets make the couch easy to clean, since they can be thrown in the washer.

To pull the space together and offset the muted, neutral tone of the patio, the pair also made sure to include a fair amount of greenery (both natural and artificial).

Photo by Tom Gault

“Being able to mix the faux plants with real succulents, air plants and dried moss makes it easier to maintain, especially since I don’t have a green thumb and we don’t have anyone living here seven a days a week,” Alba said. “If you mix it up with some real and dried stuff, you can still get a natural vibe.”


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