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Taking care of your lavender plant is surprisingly easy

Lavender plant
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One of the most popular and versatile herbs out there, lavender is known for its ability to promote relaxation and concentration. It is also believed to curb anxiety and help people have better quality sleep. Plus, with its frosted, pale-green leaves and vivid purple flowers, it’s also very pretty.

However, did you know that taking care of a lavender plant is surprisingly easy? Yes, you can grow your own lavender plant even in your home garden or apartment, according to MyDomaine.com

First of all, you need to find a spot in your place with full sun. Given that we live in a tropical country, this shouldn’t too challenging. However, you should be able to move your plant to a shadier spot during the hottest part of the day. Too much sun can be bad for your lavender plant as well.

Unlike soft herbs such as parsley or basil, lavender is pretty tolerant of dry conditions once it’s established, so it can thrive through the hot summers of the Philippines. It should be noted that overwatering can cause some stress, so you should go easy on it. 

Watering it once or twice a week would suffice if it hasn’t established yet. Water mature plants every two to three weeks until buds form, then once or twice weekly until harvest.

When your lavender flowers in summer, you can cut off the green stems tipped with fragrant purple blossoms. This will promote a second bloom later in the season. You can then use the blooms decoratively for bouquets along with other flowers. You can also use them to make homemade scent sachets or even infuse them in desserts. 

Sounds pretty manageable, right? Your lavender plant will only thrive and survive if you take proper care of it. It may take some time to reap the benefits, but all the work will have been worth it in the long run.


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