The best IGs to inspire your Korean bedroom aesthetic

The K-wave is far from over!

In recent years, Korean food, media, and beauty practices have flooded the Philippines, quickly establishing itself as a part of our everyday lives. Now, with so much influence from Korea, it’s not a surprise to see that people all over the world have taken to Korean design.

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If you’re one of these homemakers looking to achieve that distinct Korean design look, check out these Instagram pages for some serious inspiration.


Step into an awesomely “sueweet” space! @sueweet_home on Instagram shows off the classic simplicity of Korean homes – a light, cozy place where everything is neat and organized. Novice home designers can look through this IG’s cute photos of the bedroom, kitchen, and living room for a more ~aesthetic~ place to live.


True to its Instagram name, @kroom_inspirations shows off a compilation of the best Korean bedrooms around. Each featured room has a particular style and vibe, including furniture and decor of all different colors and size, making it easy for you to pick through which ones fit your personality best!


@ggulhouse on Instagram is the perfect page to draw inspiration from. Similar to @kroom_inspirations, they showcase a variety of rooms and living spaces. From fluffy pastel tatami chairs to checkered bedsheets and modern lamps, you’ll never run out of ideas here!


Get a snippet of a beautiful Korean-styled home — right from the Philippines. Sophie of @sstudio.305 has decorated her Metro Manila apartment to look like something out of a K-drama. Take a scroll through her ‘gram to see a cutely organized desk, neutral-colored decor, and a peaceful, calming space.


If you’re going for something intensely cute and bright-colored, @uue_home is the IG page for you. Browse through their pastel-colored feed for furniture and decor that is eye-popping and subdued at the same time. Who knows? You might be able to take a couple pointers from their page.

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