Turn Your Basic Home into a Smart Home with These Items

Having smart home appliances isn’t a luxury these days with more companies coming out with affordable products. Upgrade your home with these items to convert even your everyday appliances into smart devices.

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

All your smart devices can be controlled with this sleek device. The Echo Dot is equipped with Alexa and can be used for voice control. She’ll play your music and podcast at your request, answer questions, switch on lights, and even make calls for you.

Turn Your Basic Home into a Smart Home with These Items
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Smart Eco Plug

Convert your regular appliances into smart devices with a smart plug. It’s capable of switching the device on or off through an app, and you can also monitor the power consumption of the appliance. Just don’t expect to control the settings of your appliances with this device.

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Xiaomi Mi TV Box

Before you decide to buy the latest Android TV, you might want to consider getting a Mi Box instead. You’ll be able to stream online content on your older flat-screen TV without having to spend too much. It’s a plug-and-play device that supports voice search and is equipped with Chromecast.

Nxled Smart Music Circular Lamp

A ceiling lamp that plays music via Bluetooth is something you never knew you needed. It’s space-saving, lights up your room, and you can seamlessly have your music play in the background. What more could you ask for?

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Smart Door Locks

You’ll feel like a K-Drama character every time you leave the house when you have one of these. Unlock your home with fingerprint scanning, a PIN code, or using the RDIF card. If you’re the forgetful type who keeps misplacing their keys, a smart door lock might be a good investment.

Waterproof Wireless Touch Doorbell

These wireless doorbells are easy to install because there’s no need for wires and another electrical setup. They’re loud enough to notify you when there’s someone at the door, which is handy for those who frequently have things delivered to their home.

They’re convenient and efficient, having the ability to control multiple appliances with a few taps on your phone. The only downside would be the reliance on a stable Wi-Fi connection for you to maximize the functions.

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