Lazada and Shopee finds you actually need this GCQ

Let’s face it, being in quarantine is utterly boring. There may be a lot of activities at first, but then 2 months into it, you’re already bored and out of your mind. Luckily, online shops such as Lazada and Shopee have resumed operations! This means that you can now do “window shopping” because you’re keeping in mind that you’re saving money.

But just when you thought that being in lockdown will force you to save money, you end up spending a lot on things you don’t really need. To help you browse in the right direction, here’s a list of items you ACTUALLY need that can be found in Lazada and Shopee!

Shield Hat

Going back to the office this GCQ? This Bucket hat is the perfect protection gear for you! Effectively ward off droplets of water from different sources that may come in contact with your face. It’s washable, reusable, and breathable! And it only sells for 149 pesos in Lazada!

Sellingjessie’s SaniKey Multipurpose Anti-Contact Door Opener

Instead of disposable plastic gloves (which are not recommended because they also spread germs), opt for this reusable and washable anti-contact door holder or Sanikey. Refrain from touching door handles and elevator buttons with just this compact tool. Cop this in Shopee for only 200 pesos!

Disinfecting foot tray

Coming back home shouldn’t be a problem. You may have disinfected your hands, but what about your shoes? Your shoes that have paved the public roads and have probably scooped up bacteria. This disinfecting foot tray will definitely rid you of that hassle AND virus!

Get this from Lazada for only 949 pesos.

Fashionable face masks

Tired of the usual colored face masks around you? Try this fashionable bling of a mask for only 35 pesos each! Colors range from neutral colors to sequined pieces. A perfect alternative to lipsticks for those who are makeup savvy. This is sewed with adjustable tie straps so there’s less pain around the ears. It’s also with a filter pocket for extra protection! Add this to your shopping cart in Shopee.

Large-sized disinfectant

Disinfectants and alcohol supply is now limited, that’s why it’s hard to spot one at your local market. This shop in Lazada originally sells cleaning supplies, but since the pandemic, they have adapted to the needs of the public. This 1 gallon multi-purpose disinfectant is perfect for sanitizing your home! They also sell 70% Ethyl Alcohol and if you want to know more information about their products, visit their store with the link below.

Get this sulit find in Lazada for only 199 pesos.

Keep yourself and your family safe with these anti-covid products while still being in style! There’s nothing wrong with shopping, just make sure your essentials are met first. Don’t let this pandemic dwindle your spark, keep that Filipino spirit! Support local and stay vigilant.


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