LOOK: Barbie releases first-ever Merman Ken doll ‘by popular demand’

We want to know what Jason Momoa thinks of this gem.

LOOK: Barbie releases first-ever Merman Ken doll ‘by popular demand’
(Images: Mattel)

When he was conceived, Mattel’s Ken doll taking on the role of Barbie’s masculine boyfriend never really resonated with fans of the fashion doll line. He was bland and boring back then, but only until he transformed into Earring Magic Ken, in the process becoming an inadvertent gay icon and cranking the coolness dial to 100.

Now, the minds behind Ken have comfortably embraced his transformation by debuting a long-haired, pink-tailed, harness-wearing, muscle-touting, King Ocean Merman Ken doll.

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The doll’s release is the result of Mattel’s 2020 Barbie Signature Doll Design Showdown, an online poll where fans got to choose the next doll in Barbie’s Signature line. The theme for 2020 was merfolk, and the other contender across the now popular himbo Mer-Ken is a classic Barbie doll donning the same sparkly mermaid suit, named Queen of the Sea Barbie. Both prototype doll designs were created by long-time Mattel designer Angel Kent.

Seeing as there have been several styles for a mermaid Barbie already, and in support of Ken’s queer makeover, netizens naturally went for the majestic merman. 

While Ken’s blooming persona seems phenomenally fitting in this day and age, it didn’t happen overnight. Since wearing mesh lavender shirts, ear piercings, and silver chain pendants in the 1990s and breaking up with Barbie in 2011, Ken has been marketed as a fashion-forward doll who isn’t afraid to cross genders and dress up just like his female counterpart.

Besides, Ken turned 60 years old this year, so he’s more than ready to explore himself and swim the oceans, seashell harness and all.

Art Daniella Sison


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