LOOK: Starbucks’ 2020 Anniversary Collection will make you miss the ocean more

When are we ever not mesmerized by any merchandise Starbucks puts out?

This year, Starbucks outdoes itself by releasing the Siren & Sea Elements collection for its anniversary.


It features the usual Starbucks goods: tumblers, reusable cups, double-walled mugs, glasses, water bottles, and a tote bag, all finished with an elegant touch of turquoise, hints of mint and golden accents, pastel pink, and of course, the fins and shells that are reminiscent of the two-tailed Starbucks Siren.

Keep it casual with the transparent turquoise design of the Swimming Siren 14oz Glass and Seashells 12oz Glass, which both sell at PhP995.

image 27

Break the plastic straw cycle by opting for the Swim Siren 24oz Cold Cup (PhP 895) or the Seashells 20oz Stainless Steel Cold Cup (PhP 1,345), which both come with their own lid and straw.

image 28

Want to stay warm in the frisky —ber months? Whip up a hot batch of choco and pour it into the Seashells 12oz Double Wall Mug (PhP 995) or the Siren Tail 10oz Mug (PhP 1,095), which features a golden fin handle and the siren’s tail on the lid.

image 29

For drinking your beverage on-the-go, you’ll find the perfect container in the Siren Stainless Steel Tumbler (PhP 1,395), the Siren 12oz Tumbler (PhP 725), or the Swim Siren 16oz Tumbler (PhP 775).

image 30

You can also keep your drinks cool or warm for longer with the Swimming Sirens 12oz Stainless Tumbler (PhP 1,1,45), the Siren 16oz Stainless Steel Tumbler (PhP 1,295), or the Seashells 20oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle (PhP 1,745), which come in dainty pink, cool mint, or a deep swatch of turquoise, respectively.

image 31

Don’t sleep on the simple yet chic Swimming Sirens 20oz Water Bottle (PhP 895), with a transparent design so you can check your water level and stay hydrated. Last but definitely not the least, keep your hands free by packing the collection inside the Seashells LOQI Tote Bag with LOQI Siren Pouch (PhP 745).

image 32
image 33

Take all our money, Starbucks, we’re used to it anyway.

All these goodies are available in Starbucks stores nationwide. Check out the Starbucks website for a complete list and pricing.

(all images courtesy of Starbucks)

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