Director Mark Reyes Recalls Giving Advice To Actors Who Start To Have Receding Hairline

Director Mark Reyes sees the advantage of having hair treatments early and regularly

If there is one person who would notice an actor’s state—whether emotionally, mentally, or physically, it probably is the director.

After all, the director can observe everything before, during, and after a take.

GMA-7 director Mark Reyes is one of those who uses these observations to be of help to other actors, especially when he notices something physically that might affect an actor’s job, such as a receding hairline.

As someone who also has experiences with hair problems, Direk Mark immediately gives advice to these actors and refer them to hair clinics, such as Svenson.

He shares in an interview with FreebieMNL, “Sometimes, if I see an actor—I will not name some of them because they are not ambassadors but they’re taking Svenson, I see it in the camera, kapag tumalikod, nakikita kong nagka-crowning na, meron nang ano dito or I see it on camera na medyo nagti-thin na, I tell them, ‘You should start getting treatment.’”

Good thing that these actors do not take offense and instead, immediately take action as part of their job.

Direk Mark adds, “Hindi na because coming from a director, they know it’s on a professional level that I tell them that ‘You’re starting to lose your hair or you’re starting to have bald spots, hindi maganda yan. Hangga’t bata ka kasi that’s a need in the profession, unless you’re mature na kailangan old yung role mo.’

“But if you’re still that leading man material or supporting actor material, you should take care of yourself. It’s an asset, it’s a necessity for your professional life.”

FreebieMNL spoke to Direk Mark during the Svenson anniversary event on May 21 at Svenson Center, West Ave., Quezon City.

Direk Mark is the director of GMA-7’s iconic and groundbreaking shows “TGIS,” “Encantadia,” and “Voltes V: Legacy.”

Mark Reyes
Mark Reyes

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Direk Mark’s hair problems

Even before he became an ambassador of Svenson, Direk Mark had already seen the need to undergo hair treatments especially when he turned 50.

He explains, “It was written in the stars, ika nga, kasi historically, my father, my grandfather, my uncle, my brother, they are all turning bald. So, I know I’m gonna be next, so, inunahan ko na siya.

Because of his prompt action to go to Svenson—thanks to his good friend Gino Quillamor—Direk Mark was able to arrest his hair loss and no longer need hair transplants.

“It was at the right time na they caught my condition na pwede pa siyang without any hair transplants yet or what, it’s just really purely treatment.

“Now, I do Bioscalp treatment, it’s a series of lasers and ointments and solutions that they apply on my hair. I do it once a week just to maintain it and I can see that there’s no hair loss anymore unlike before when I take a shower, I would see it in the sink, wala na ngayon.”

Direk Mark also makes sure to have his treatments religiously to see its effects.

He explains, “You really have to make it a point if you really need to maintain it and it’s relaxing. It’s like going to a hair spa and there’s nothing painful.

“Sometimes, people would really say na ‘Svenson is effective, ang haba ng buhok mo,’ ganyan.

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