K-Beauty Fans Shouldn’t Miss These MERZY Items On Shopee

This trendy K-Beauty brand will make you look ‘예쁘다 (pretty)’!

If you follow beauty trends, you know that Korean beauty products are hot right now. This is because most of them are so easy to use. MERZY is one such brand. It’s also quite popular. During Shopee’s 6.6. Mid-Year sale, some beauty mavens got first dibs on their Soft Touch makeup collection. (If you weren’t one of them, don’t worry. There’s always the 7.7 sale!)

MERZY’s new collection includes an eyeshadow stick, lip tint, and liquid blusher.

The MERZY Soft Touch Collection

The Soft Touch Lip Tint has a velvety texture that can make your lips look luscious. Also, it has a non-drying texture, so it can glide across your lips when you apply it. It also creates a high-color blur effect without leaving a stain.

It comes in six shades. Try Ablaze Amber, Cinnamon Roll, Muted Rose, Sangria, Smoking Wood, and Uncovered Taupe

The Soft Touch Liquid Blushers are blendable and light. They’re highly pigmented and have a film coating system. That means they give off a natural, skin-like finish once applied.

Try them in Classic Peach, Coral Mood, or Cozy Rose Beige.

Lastly, there’s the Stick Shadows. These Stick eyeshadows are long-lasting and waterproof. That makes them great for everyday wear. They’re also formulated with a rich pearl powder to create a 3D effect on your eye makeup.

They come in three shades: Casual Gold, Over Crystal, and Vintage Cinnamon.

Always look to Shopee for your MERZY fix, and remember to watch out for the 7.7 sale too!

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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