Rainy Season Shopping List

5 Rainy Season Shopping List Under P500

Make it easier for you to navigate through the weather with this rainy season shopping list

The rainy season is upon us! 

So, whenever you step out that door, having rainy-day essentials is definitely a must, especially with heavy rains, strong typhoons, and blustering winds dictating the weather for the next couple of months. 

As the COVID cases declined, Metro Manila was downgraded as a low-risk COVID zone. This led to offices increasing their onsite capacity, schools slowly welcoming back students on-campus, and other establishments like carnivals and nightclubs re-opening.

Unfortunately, the rain won’t stop just because there are commitments that must be attended to. Employees still need to go to the office for work while students still need to head to the campus for school. That said, a little preparation can do a lot to minimize the hassle of going out during stormy weather.

So, while you are glued to the weather forecast planning your day, here are some rainy-day shopping essentials to prepare you for any unforeseen weather hazard without breaking the bank.

Aesthetic fruit Umbrella

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Probably the obvious must-have when the weather is bad, it is also practically common knowledge to bring an umbrella even on days when it might not rain.

With pocket umbrellas looking smaller and smaller making them more convenient to bring, there are also aesthetic umbrellas that pack a lot of character when used.

Umbrellas provide the most resistance against rain, are significantly lighter, and can be used for other things like protection against the sun.

Poncho raincoat

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Bringing one can provide the most protection as it can cover your whole body. If your choice of ride is the motorcycle then this would also come in handy!

When getting a coat, make sure the hood is long enough to cover your head to decrease the likelihood of getting sick.


Screen Shot 2023 07 01 at 12.36.19 AM

Copping a pair of rain boots is no longer just a matter of having the best rainy-day essential, but it has also become a statement fashion piece as well.

In terms of style, new rain boots have a high-cut design to look like Chelsea boots to fit anyone’s sartorial taste. Second, these waterproof shoes will keep your feet dry when walking through strong rains or deep puddles.

After all, it can be incredibly irritating and frustrating walking with your shoes and socks soaking wet.

Mosquito repellant

Screen Shot 2023 07 01 at 12.36.33 AM

Along with the rainy season comes the mosquito season. Dengue cases tend to increase when it begins to rain.

Instead of clapping your way to killing any mosquito in sight, it’s best to apply an effective and natural mosquito repellant that is strong enough to keep mosquitos from even getting a sniff of you.

Parka Jacket

Screen Shot 2023 07 01 at 12.38.29 AM

Albeit heavy and sometimes cumbersome, bringing a parka or jacket can provide the most protection as it does not only shield you from the rain but even from the gusty wind and the overall cold weather. 

If the style is non-negotiable when outdoors, online stores sell many fashionable jackets and coats that will go well with your outfit while protecting you from the rain.

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