Flavored RELX Vape Pods Are Back On GrabMart

So many delicious flavors are now at your fingertips!

The Philippine government declared the flavor ban on May 25, shocking vapers. But they lifted the ban last July, and flavored pods are back on the market now, including the RELX pod system.

Many vape shops closed down because of the ban. But that’s over now. Since August 15, a wide array of flavors has been available on GrabMart! Check out these flavored RELX vape pods.

Dark Sparkle

image 12

This is a personal favorite. It has the right amount of kick with its cola flavor and a hint of mint.

Fresh Red

image 11

Sweet, minty, watermelon-y. This is the flavor that every RELX user loves. If there’s anything RELX missed while the ban was in effect, it would be this flavor.

Garden’s Heart

image 10 1024x1024 1

This flavor has a hint of mint too, but it also has a sour, vaguely strawberry kind of flavor that’s delectable. 

Ginger Tea

image 13 1024x1024 1

An acquired taste. If you’re into the more herbal stuff, this may be what you’re looking for. It’s perfect for you if you’re quirky like that.

Mellow Melody

image 14

Not a fan favorite, but it packs a punch. One puff will leave you feeling like a truck hit you. Serving a chilly melon-honeydew flavor, it’s perfect for the summer!

Orchard Rounds

image 15 1024x1024 1

Wanted a peachy flavor with a hint of mint? Sweet and sour, but cooling? You should try out Orchard Rounds.

Sunset Paradise

image 16

This flavor is often overlooked. But this guava-flavored pod has a fresh, sweet, and sour feel that’s just right.

Sunny Sparkle

image 17

Orange soda is everyone’s favorite. If you want to get that in your RELX, you should try this one. The cool orange tang hits differently

Tangy Purple

image 18

Tangy Purple gives you a grape type of flavor. Great for those who’ve transitioned to RELX from a mod system. It’s sweet and sour and hits all the right places.

White Freeze

image 19

This one gets a lot of mixed reactions, but it’s definitely worth the hype. This flavor gives you a cold blast of banana and ice cream. There’s a lot to love about this one, but it’s underappreciated.

Zesty Sparkle

image 20 1024x1024 1

This feels like a classic lime soda. This is like Dark Sparkle, but it’s very underrated.

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And, of course, there’s the usual tobacco and menthol. But now that the ban is over, there is no way we’re sticking with those flavors. If you want to get these awesome flavors, fire up the Grab super app and order yours now!

Featured Image Daniella Sison

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