Rustan’s is giving you more reasons to shop this holiday season!

Christmas isn’t complete without gift-giving. And while certainly, the holiday celebrations are going to be a tad different this year, surprising loved ones with thoughtful gifts will never change despite what’s happening right now.

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Worry no more because Rustan’s can help you find the best, heartwarming present there is!

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Whether online or offline, you can find the best holiday gifts for your loved ones at Rustan’s. Featuring a wide selection of quality brands and merchandise that fit any budget, you can put your mind at ease and find everything you need at the country’s premier department store. 

For the practical gifter, Rustan’s has a variety of stuff below P500 like the Glass Teapot by WELUP (P325), Pear & Ginger Fragrant Disc by Aromabotanical (P330), and Spartina Notebook (P395).

Glass Teapot by WELUP (P325)| Photo from Rustan’s
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(L-R) Pear & Ginger Fragrant Disc by Aromabotanical (P330) and Spartina Notebook (P395) | Photos from Rustan’s

If you have extra bucks to splurge on, our worth P1000 gift list include the Aromabotanical Diffuser (P750), The Fruit Garden Gift Box Set (P895), and the Santeco Kolima Water Bottle (P990).

Aromabotanical Diffuser (P750) | Photo from Rustan’s
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The Fruit Garden Gift Box Set (P 895)| Photo from Rustan’s
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Santeco Kolima Water Bottle (P990) | Photo from Rustan’s

And for the premium ones, the Bailey Medalist Ballpoint Pen by Cross (P1,500), Scarves from Echo Design (P1,650), the iconic Le Pliage Club Coin Purse by Longchamp (P2,900), and the Rustan’s Our Very Own Mother Of Pearl Picture Frame (P2,150) are our recommendations. 

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Bailey Medalist Ballpoint Pen by Cross (P1,500) | Photo from Rustan’s
Scarves from Echo Design (P1,650) | Photo from Rustan’s
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Le Pliage Club Coin Purse by Longchamp (P2,900)| Photo from Rustan’s
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Our Very Own Mother Of Pearl Picture Frame (P2,150) | Photo from Rustan’s

Aside from these many gift options Rustan’s is offering this season, you can also explore the various shopping programs and event schedules they’ve lined up. 

First up is the Rustan’s Christmas Shop! With a wide selection of traditional and modern trees, dazzling lights, colorful ornaments, ribbons, and accessories, Rustan’s Christmas Shop is the metro’s go-to décor destination. The whole family will surely enjoy a decked-out holiday-themed home. 

Next, be prepared to be entertained when you visit the Home for Christmas Virtual Microsite at and view all of Rustan’s holiday content. Find videos of impressive performances; articles on yuletide decorating tips and gift suggestions; and schedules of all upcoming in-store and online deals and activities. 

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Photo from Rustan’s

And if you are shopping from home, access Rustan’s Personal Shopper On-Call program through one universal number, 0917-111-1952. Get expert one-on-one assistance as trained personnel help patrons shop quality merchandise from the amazing roster of over 2000 brands. This service will also allow you to easily navigate through the Christmas Gift Registry. Fulfilled orders can be collected via curbside pick-up or items can be delivered to you for free, for a minimum purchase requirement of P5,000.*

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