When it comes to cleaning the house, there are two sides of the story — those who clean regularly, maybe every other day or at least once a week — and there are those who allot time for cleaning on a monthly basis or worse, only when visitors are coming. Regardless of the cleaning schedule, any tool that can aid in cleaning is a welcome addition to a home. Pressure washers, blowers, and traditional vacuums have been essentials in household cleaning. The question is, are those enough? A new cleaning tool gaining popularity now and expected to help a lot in cleaning are robot vacuums.

Do Robot Vacuums Work?

Before moving on with the details, let’s establish the most important query first- does it work?

Well yes, it does. robot vacuums can collect dirt on floors, which is primarily the purpose of any ordinary vacuum. The difference, however, is that it can actually work on its own with minimal supervision. It can also find its way around your home, detecting and avoiding obstacles such as furniture, walls, and doors.

Manufacturers will often tell consumers that these are meant to supplement a standard human operated vacuum cleaner and not entirely replace it.

What are the advantages of a robot vacuum?

Robot vacuums are great for houses, apartments, or condominiums. If cleaning really isn’t your thing or you just can find the time to do a deep housecleaning, regularly operating the robot vacuum will get the job done. Use it while reading, working or cooking and do it frequently so dust, crumbs and small sized litters wont pile up in your home. If you have dust allergies, robot vacuum can be your new best friend.

samsung robot vacuum
The Samsung Powerbot is one of the more stylish and popular robot vacuums

Robo vacuums can also go to “tough-to-reach” areas like under the sofa, bed, or other furniture. This means that it can take care of business without requiring you to lift and transfer those heavy household fixtures.

This is the “future” and technology should be well embraced.

What are the Disadvantages of a Robo Vacuum?

Robo vacuums have been around as early as the 90’s. It took two more decades for manufacturers to come up with a better and more systematic robo vacuum that the market will embrace. It is still continuously getting upgrades hence improvements can still be expected. But for the most recent releases, here are a few of its disadvantages that you should be aware of:

Supplement Not Replacement

As mentioned earlier, Robo Vacuums will supplement the traditional vacuum and not entirely replace it. First and foremost and very obvious is that the existing version of Robo vacuums can only clean the floor.

It Still Gets Stuck

The technology is still not perfect and the variety of models is diversified. There are still some reviews telling that Robo vacuums still get stuck on some corners and doorstops. There are also instances wherein it can’t find its way back into the home base. Rightfully so, manufacturers do say that it still needs minimal supervision.

There’s Still Noise

Most Robo vacuums released up to now still emit noise according to users. It may be minimal especially for the new ones, but it still entails that it isn’t that advisable to be left operating while sleeping.

Price is Right?

There’s a question mark there for a reason. Is the price really right? It depends on the user, of course. If you have the time and the diligence to manually sweep and mop your floor then the Robo vacuum may appear expensive for you. But if you believe that time is money and you’d rather work than clean the house, well Robo vacuum is a perfect match.

There are also a variety of brands with different models and specifications so make sure to do more research and comparison before buying.


It’s been established that robot vacuums do work. It’s really advantageous and can really help in cleaning the house despite its fair share of disadvantages and limitations. It is without a doubt a useful gadget and a perfect complement to existing cleaning tools for your home, with value for money as the biggest question mark on its purchase.

The future is bright for the improvement of robot vacuums, as some companies have been trying to come up with a better version that can also clean surfaces and on a vertical direction. Hopefully, it won’t be long until they do.

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