With the current “new normal” that we’re all in, working from home is becoming not only a trend but a necessity. For some, working from home is a new experience that will require some lifestyle adjustments. Whether you’re a virtual worker, an owner of an online business, or you want to create an office space, creating your home office can help you maintain your productivity when household issues and family impedes on your work. Setting up your home office nicely is the best way to develop some healthy work-from-home habits so we’ve listed down the must-have items you need in organizing that home office!

If you’re sitting for hours, an ergonomic chair will help

Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a spare room to turn into an office, but hopefully, your space is sufficient to have a desk that’s large enough to comfortably accommodate all of your equipment, including your laptop or desktop and other peripherals. As you grow older, an ergonomic chair will work wonders for your back.

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On the other hand, you don’t want to spend all day sitting in your chair, but you certainly want the chair you sit in to be comfortable. There are ergonomic chairs available online or in store that is good for your posture and will keep you working free of undue stress.

Invest in a separate keyboard and wireless mouse if you love your hands

Using your laptop’s internal keyboard and touchpad may work, but it’s not so convenient to use it in the long run.  Investing in a good external keyboard and mouse will do wonders for your workspace. Not only are these input devices more versatile than your laptop’s built-in options, but they’re also often more comfortable to use as well. You will definitely avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, you can invest in a cheap memory sponge to keep your arms comfortable when using your peripherals.

Don’t settle for cheap webcams and microphones

Working remotely means a lot more video calls. Your colleagues or clients would like to see and hear you during meetings so you might want to consider having a good webcam and headset to have a quality discussion with them. Using your laptop’s built-in webcam and basic headphones are okay, but you can get better results if you work with a combination of devices. Most external USD webcams already come with a built-in mic, but the audio quality can suffer especially with ambient noise (Pro Tip: Google Meet now has noise-cancelling as an added feature so if your mic sucks, you should try using Meet).

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If you have additional budget, you can invest in a USB condenser microphone to make you really look like a professional. It’s basically the same mics used by radio hosts, but at a more affordable price.

For Internet stability at home try using a Powerline, signal booster or mesh WiFi

Sometimes, it isn’t about the actual Internet quality, but the objects in your home blocking the signal. WiFi is radio waves, so it still has to travel through walls. Some walls are thicker than others. Here’s a quick rundown:

Signal Extender – the cheapest solution to extending your WiFi signal to another room; while extending signal, it halves the maximum speed so it’s OK for casual Internet use but not for heavy Internet activity.

Powerline – like a signal extender but makes use of your home’s electricity line without sacrificing speed. Used mainly for gaming on desktop computers, it extends the range of your wired connection through the home’s electricity circuit (the plugs in your home).

Mesh WiFi – the best overall solution, but also the most expensive, as you will need to buy additional base stations to extend the signal. Google WiFi and Deco are the more popular brands.

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