This IG shop customizes fun and quirky clay pieces

Sometimes, we’re just struck with an idea but we can’t execute it. Even if we’re willing to buy them, it’s so hard to look for something that’s exactly the same as what we want. A quick search on Google might help you find similar items, but it’s still not the thing we’re exactly looking for. 

The same applies to accessories. You might be browsing social media, find yourself looking at a piece of jewelry that an influencer is wearing, and search for a close approximation of it in Lazada or Shopee. The accessory you want might also be very specific. Say, you want your favorite food turned into earrings. 

If you find yourself in these situations, then you’ll be glad to discover Luna Obra – an IG shop that handcrafts polymer clay pieces and accessories. 

One of their most popular pieces is their Streetfood Series. You won’t find this just anywhere! 


But while they have original creations such as this in their store, they’re also known to customize pieces and accessories. 

You can be as specific as you want in requesting for customization. One of their clients, for example, requested for a full meal:


Aside from earrings and keychains, they also customize phone cases. With this Curry Katsu phone case, you’ll find yourself craving it every time you look at the back of your phone.


Luna Obra’s creations are not only fun and quirky but also very high quality. No matter the clay piece you want, they’ll execute it beautifully. 

To get your hands on a Luna Obra clay piece or accessory, simple message them on their Instagram account!

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