This toy lets you pop bubble wrap forever


Do you find yourself more stressed out than usual? Well, with everything going on in the world, who can blame you? 

If, like most people, you get a sense of relief while popping crevices of bubble wrap, there’s a nifty toy you should get your hands on, as per Bandai’s Infinite Bubble Wrap Air (stylized as the “∞ Bubble Wrap AIR”) is a new 2021 version of their classic 2007 keychain toy that perfectly fits in one’s pocket.

Basically, the Japanese toy company utilized bubble wrap-like buttons to stimulate the satisfying feeling of pressing down on the plastic–without the waste. Thus, you get the sensation of popping the bubbles without contributing to pollution. What a win, right? 

What makes this toy so fun is that different sounds will also come from pressing down at random intervals. You might hear a cat’s meow or the crack of a baseball bat. This feature adds a little more excitement to the toy. 

Think this toy is just what you needed? Well, it looks like the toy industry agrees. In fact, the ∞ Bubble Wrap AIR has already won the High Target Toy Category in the 2021 Japan Toy Awards.

The toy is a premium gachapon, or vending machine toy, only available in Japan for 1,000 yen (P463). Meanwhile, its in-store version in select Bandai shops will sell for 1,078 yen (P500). If you’re looking to get one for yourself, it may be a good idea to contact your friends or family based in Japan. 

Everyone needs a little something to relieve the stress. Buying this little toy might be just what you need to lift your spirit, and have a little fun. It’s always fun to indulge your inner child.

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