Tips for Making the Best Christmas Gift Basket

Looking for a last-minute Christmas present? Why not make a Christmas gift basket?

Tips for Making the Best Christmas Gift Basket
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They’re easy to make, super customizable, and can be made in a day! If you need some tips on how to make your very own Christmas gift basket, keep reading.

Use an actual basket!

What would a Christmas gift basket be without, well, a real basket? Grab one from the thrift store or your local grocery shop — they’re not that hard to find. Real baskets are nice because they hold everything together and some way, somehow give off a home-y, more personal feel. Not to mention, they’re super easy to carry!


Make your gift basket feel like Christmas with festive decorations! Tie a ribbon around the handle, use red and green shredded paper fillers, and stick on a Santa hat or two. Decorating your gift basket shows that you put in a little more effort than the rest, and it would definitely work to spread that holiday cheer.

Fill it up

Nobody wants their gift basket to look empty. Fill it up with big things, little things, and if it’s not enough — paper fillers! The great thing about gift baskets is that they look like the all-in-one present. When you make it look full and bursting with life, love, and all things wonderful, it really does look like the perfect present.

Make it personal

Make your loved ones feel loved with all their favorite things. While we already have some suggestions of what you should include in your Christmas gift basket, nothing beats items that you know your friends and fam would love. Fill your gift basket with personal or personalized things to keep your present one of a kind.

Include a note

And lastly, the cherry on top to a heart-warming Christmas gift basket is a special note. Let your favorite people know how much you appreciate them by leaving a handwritten tag or note in your gift basket. You could very easily send a text to say the same, but adding a note gives your gift a little extra flair that presents from others won’t have.

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