Valentines Gift Ideas That Aren’t Chocolates or Roses

We get that it’s the thought that counts and receiving anything on Valentine’s would be flattering, but not everyone wants to receive chocolates or roses from their significant other. If you’re stumped on ideas, here are other gifts that are equally as sweet and romantic.

A Box of Donuts

What could be sweeter than a box of chocolates? Express your love to that special someone by getting them a box (or three) of Choco Butternut mini heart donuts from Dunkin. Although they’re technically still chocolates, it’s not the generic convenience store-bought gift.


Quielle has dainty pieces that any girl will adore. Pair it with their preserved rose jewelry box and you have a gift that’s perfect for Valentine’s or any occasion, really. Customize the gift by choosing the color of the box and the rose that represents what the person means to you, then pick a piece of jewelry from their collection to go with it. They recommend the knot or love ring.

Care Package

Show that you care about them and the environment by curating a gift box filled with sustainable items. Include pandemic essentials like sanitizer and reusable face masks, and personal care items like eco-friendly toiletries and soy candles. Throw in a bottle of wine to top off the package.


A fitting gift for your plantita/plantito partner is a heart-shaped succulent. The Sweetheart Soya, also known as the Valentine plant, is low-maintenance and can thrive indoors. Because it seldom needs watering, you’ll still have time to tend to your relationship.

Vegetable Bouquet

For a gift that’s witty and practical, give them a bouquet of vegetables instead. It’s a healthy alternative to the usual sweet treats and could even win their parents over. Considering how expensive produce is these days, they’ll surely appreciate this token. Don’t forget to add extra rice, please.  

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Which of these gifts are you planning to get your partner this Valentine’s?


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