What to Put in Your Christmas Gift Basket This Year

Sleigh bells are ringing and you know what that means — it’s time for Christmas presents!

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While we rack our brains all month trying to think of the best Christmas gift, why not make it all-in-one? Gift baskets are popular presents because they take the pressure off giving the “perfect” gift.

What to Put in Your Christmas Gift Basket This Year
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While you can buy a ready-made one online or in the store, it’s always better if your gift basket is a little bit more personalized. If you’re wondering what to include in this year’s Christmas gift basket, check out our suggestions.

Gift cards

Who doesn’t love a good gift card? These are great fillers for your gift basket because they’re great in value and can be used any time. Make it a gift card for a relaxing spa day, trendy clothing shop, or fancy restaurant — any gift card is a merry one!


Food, sweets, and other snacks are awesome ways to make your loved ones happy. Adding food can help introduce your friends or fam to yummy new products, or can just simply give them a bite to eat over the holiday season. While you can slip in actual food, most people go for luxurious sweets and chocolates or sometimes, even coffee!


A nice bottle of wine or champagne are great inclusions to your gift basket. Not only are they fit for a party, but they can be stored for later occasions too. When choosing liquor or alcohol, keep your recipient in mind. Are they a whiskey guy or a wine lady? For bonus points, you can customize the label by putting their name on it!


They might not be the “best” thing to put in your gift basket, but they can be one of the cutest! Make sure your loved ones are cozy this year with a pair of adorable socks. If you’re gifting for relatives, put in matching socks for the whole fam. If you’re gifting for friends, include socks that’ll match their personality or make them laugh.


If you needed to fill in more space in that gift basket, skincare is the way to go. Over the years, more and more people are getting into taking care of their skin, which makes lotions and moisturizers all the more appealing as gift givers. If you know that your friends and family are big on skincare, drop a couple of creams and face washes in your basket.

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