Thanks to the pandemic, roller-skating as a hobby became popular again. After all, people have limited options to socialize these days. But whether you see it as a hobby or you take it more seriously than that, you can be sure that it’s a whole lot safer than going out in a group or playing contact sports. When you’re roller-skating, you can hang out with others and practice social distancing at the same time, reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection!

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Roller-skating is different from rollerblading. The former uses roller skates or quad skates, which have one wheel in each corner of the sole. The latter uses inline skates, with wheels that are in line with each other. Roller-skating is more beginner-friendly because it’s somewhat easier to maintain your balance when you’re wearing quad skates.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to buy your first pair of skates or a pro skater in need of an upgrade, here are four skate shops you may want to check out. 

Squad Skates

Under Chaser Action Sports, Squad Skates is the go-to for roller skates. Chaser has been selling skates for a while now, but Squad Skates changed the game when it opened. With brands like Chaser, Chaya, Impala, Luna, Rio Roller, and Zodiac, Squad Skates has a lot of options for you. They also opened a physical branch in Megamall if you prefer to fit your skates first. If you’re buying online, you can order from their Lazada store or their website

Rolyo Sk8 Shop PH

Rolyo Sk8 Shop is a skate shop based in Angeles City that sells roller skates by Luna, Rio Roller, Impala, Crazy Skates, and Antik. All of their skates are cute and fashionable! They also sell wheels, accessories, and protective gear so you can get everything you need in one go. They have a promo right now for first-time customers: Use discount code New10 to get 10% off on your first order. You can find them on Lazada, Shopee, or their website.

Zodiac Skates

Seeing how the roller-skating community in the Philippines is growing, Zodiac Skates started their own line of skates. Their goal is to bring good-quality skates to Filipinos and so far, they’ve succeeded. Their skates come in a wide variety of colors. They also sell adorable toe stops so that you can protect your boot. Order your Zodiac Skates here

Deity Skate Shop

Born from the Everywhere We Skate PH Facebook community, Deity Skate Shop aims to spread the gospel of roller skating. They carry brands that aren’t available in any other skate shop in the country. You can even rely on them for accessories. They have a pre-order option if they don’t have the skates you want on hand. You can also ask them to help you customize your skates! You can order from their Shopee store or website.

Ordering online can be tricky because of sizing, so if you need help figuring out your size, don’t hesitate to ask the shops above for help!

Art Daniella Sison

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