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Stuff To Get For Your Work-From-Home Station

You’ll need these desk buddies, for sure!

A lot of us are working from home now and we’ve set up a corner of our home for our work-from-home station. You’ve made it look like your office station, only much cozier and more personalized.

You’d need a couple of things for your desk, and the FreebieMNL team is sure you’d love our recommendations.

Wooden Desk Organizer

You’ll need to build it on your own, but there are instructions and it’s easy to do. There are two designs to choose from, so you can pick which one serves you best.

There are many slots to fill with pens, tapes, and just about anything that you might need at your WFH station. They’re fairly inexpensive, so you’ll have a desk organizer without breaking the bank.

LED Digital Clock

This digital clock is the prettiest one we’ve ever seen, and it serves its purpose. It emits a bright white light, which helps with optics if you prefer working in the dark. It displays the current date, time, and temperature in succession. You’ll have a bevy of information at your fingertips without needing to move a finger.

It comes in 3 different designs and it also has a built-in alarm clock. It serves as a night light, an alarm clock, and a clock in one, so you won’t be needing your phone to check the time every so often.

LED Desktop Mat

Even if you aren’t a gamer, you’ll fall in love with this RGB LED desktop mat from Shopee. It’s plug and play so there’s no need to configure anything. You can place your keyboard or laptop on it and just plug the USB-type cable in, and you’re ready to go.

It’s big enough to accommodate your laptop/keyboard, and mouse, so you won’t need an extra mousepad. The mat itself is anti-slip, so don’t worry about it sliding off the table and bringing your gadgets along with it.

USB Desk Fan with LED

This cute desk fan emits white light and a breeze strong enough to combat humidity. It comes in white, black, and pink, and isn’t as expensive as you’d expect from a dual-purpose desk fan. It’s also small enough to fit in your bag for when you return to the office.

Phone Stand

Tired of holding your phone while waiting for messages? Here’s a solution for you. This sturdy phone stand from Shopee is retractable depending on your preferred height. You can also rotate the phone holder depending on the orientation you want, so you can watch videos.

It has a heavy plastic base which makes sure that the weight of your phone doesn’t cause it to fall. It’s surprisingly strong for 19Php, but it only comes in the color black. But you won’t notice that since it serves its purpose well.

Make working from home enjoyable with Shopee

Shopee has a lot of things you need for your work-from-home station, and they’re inexpensive too! If you’re building your work desk for the first time, check out these items to help you start. Happy Shopee-ing!

Featured Photo Daniella Sison

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