How YOU Beauty Is Changing The Game With Its New Lip Tint Series 

Look like your favorite Korean idol with this new YOU Beauty product.

There are tons of beauty hacks out there but looking good doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re overwhelmed and just want to have a beauty product perfect for everyday use, then YOU Beauty is here to help you out.

YOU Beauty is launching the Cloud Touch Series, a collection of weightless, soft cloud-like, and stylish lip tints that are perfect if you want to achieve a natural look, just like your Korean idols. 

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Lip tints from the Cloud Touch Series are formulated with high-quality ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and French Strawberry Leaf Extract that leave your lips looking healthy and nourished. 

The Hyaluronic Acid helps lock the hydration on your lips, which gives a supple and natural plumping look while Ceramide and the Meadowfoam Seef Oil help protect your lips from chapping and free radicals. Lastly, the French Strawberry Leaf extract is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants so it helps soothe the lips. 

Beauty trends come and go, but a lowkey natural look will definitely stay for much longer. And this is where the Cloud Touch Fixing Lip Tints, which give a long-lasting matte stain finish, come in. What sets them apart from other lip tints is its Airy Matte Finish, meaning the oil-in-water formula makes these lip tints light and soft without compromising their pigmentation. It gives you a smooth and long-lasting stain without damaging your lips. 

YOU Beauty’s Cloud Touch Fixing Lip Tint is so soft that you can apply it instantly without using a lip balm. You also won’t have to worry about bringing a makeup kit when retouching outside since these lip tints are safe to use all around your face. You can apply the Cloud Touch Fixing Lip Tints on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips. However, it’s best to blend them at the back of your hands first before applying them because of their rich pigmentation. 

The YOU Beauty Cloud Touch Series comes in six shades: Misty NightAiry KissBreezy DayPuffy SkyBlushing Sky, and Sun ‘N Fun. It retails at P349 only. 

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Featured Image Daniella Sison

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