Your guide to buying a bike for your daily commute

When the government first decided to open up the economy and let certain establishments and businesses operate in the more relaxed community quarantine, public transportation was still suspended in Metro Manila. This left workers with no way to go to work so some of them resorted to walking. 

However, a different form of transportation is gaining traction in the Metro and that is riding a bike. It seems like it would be awhile before commuting goes back to our perceived normal, so it’s high time for us to consider biking to work. Aside from being a much safer alternative as biking allows you to socially distance from the commuting crowd, biking can also cut down your travel time because you can easily skirt traffic (do it safely, of course!). 

Not sure what kind of bike to buy? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide!

Electric Bike 


photo from Trinx

Biking can sure be tiring, especially if you’re not used to cycling. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to arrive at your destination all sweaty and tired, then the electric bike is definitely the way to go. E-bikes are pedal assisted, which means you don’t have to tire yourself by pedaling continuously just to get to your destination faster. Some are even fully electric so you can opt not to pedal at all. 

Mountain Bike


photo from Giant

Since mountain bikes are meant for the mountains, this type of bike is perfect if the route you have to take has an uneven terrain. This type of bike is also good if you don’t want a bumpy ride as it cushions shocks. In short, get a mountain bike if you plan on passing through rough roads. 

Folding Bike


photo from Tern

Not everyone has a big enough space to keep their bikes in their true forms. If you live in a small space or have to keep your bike indoors, then you should invest in a folding bike instead. Aside from saving space at home, you can easily travel with this if you need to. 

Road Bike 


photo from Giant 

If you want something light to bring you to your destination quickly, then the road bike is the one for you. This makes for an efficient cycling experience on the road, hence the name. This one has thin tires so buy this if you’re mostly passing through smooth terrain. No mountain trips with this one!

Hybrid Bike 


photo from Trek

If you want something in between the functions of a road bike and a mountain bike, there is the hybrid bike. This type of bike has the advantages of the two, so they’re good for casual riding. Hybrid bikes are also called commuter bikes so this is definitely ideal for your daily commute. 

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