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Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz: Made For Each Other

Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz are not shy about showing their love for each other—on and off camera. They set the whole studio into a frenzy that was calm yet kilig on the Friday afternoon of their FreebieMNL Spotlight shoot. In between takes, Julie and Rayver are sweet with each other, touching each other’s faces when not goofing around or practicing their poses.

There was even one instance when they looked into each other’s eyes before a take and smiled at each other—bringing out a genuine moment that wasn’t just for the camera.

While Julie was doing her solo shots, Rayver took the time and energy to come out of the dressing room and take photos of her on his phone. He later asks his handler to bring out his camera to take even more pictures of his girlfriend.

During their interview while the set was being cleaned up and the cameras were being tucked away, their connection was still consistent—one would stare at the other, intently listening to what the other was saying. But their relationship wasn’t distracting nor uncomfortable to the people they were talking to. In fact, everyone swooned and gushed over them at every turn. 

When this was brought up to the couple, Julie Anne says with certainty, “Ganito lang kami talaga kapag nag-uusap. Ganun naman kami ka-chill. Chill lang.”

Of this, one can safely say that they are not just JulieVer the love team, but Julie and Rayver as a real-life couple who are proud to declare their love for each other.

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Free to love

It is no secret that Julie and Rayver had controversial relationships in the past. There were even times when they couldn’t go all-out when admitting they were in love. 

This time, however, Julie and Rayver are free to declare their love for each other publicly and their relationship does not involve any controversy.

Julie says about this, “Ang sarap lang sa pakiramdam kasi ‘yung industry kasi can be very demanding. At saka ‘yun nga, e, may thin line kasi sa pagiging public image and having a private life, di ba? Siyempre, kapag public image ka, people tend to—you know—be out there pagdating sa private life ng isang public image. So for us, masaya sa pakiramdam kasi open tapos walang problema, walang stress kasi alam namin na kapag kasi alam mong tama, wala kang magiging problema.”

Rayver, for his part, had his fair share of controversial relationships in the past. When asked about this, he declares, “Basta ang masasabi ko lang, ito yung pinakamasayang state ng buhay koyung with her, with Julie.” The actor-dancer expounds, “Parang kada gising ko sa umaga, ang saya lang, walang problema. Alam mo yun, ang happy lang ng lahat and yun yung siguro masarap sa pakiramdam. Kaya alam mong we are meant for each other kasi nga, parang ang swabe lang ng lahat. Pinagtagpo talaga kaming dalawa—destiny!”

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Does it feel good that they are free to be vocal and publicly declare their love for each other?

Rayver answers, “Masarap sa feeling mag-out ng pagmamahal mo sa isang tao, ‘yun ‘yung importante kasi…Well, ako, ever since, very vocal naman ako talaga dati. Iba talaga ‘yung pagmamahal ko kay Juls.”

Julie adds, “At saka di ba, kapag nagmamahal ka, dapat feeling mo malaya ka? And at this point in my life, I feel very free kasi [I’m] very free to love and free to express how I feel.”

From workmates to lovers

Currently, Julie Anne and Rayver are working on two shows together: “All-Out Sundays” and “The Clash.” They also worked on the movie “The Cheating Game,” which is set to hit the theaters soon.

Before their relationship, Julie Anne and Rayver had been working together for these shows, which allowed them to form a good friendship. Rayver admits that this has become an advantage for them.

He shares, “Well, yun siguro yung maganda kasi wala na akong kailangang baguhin sa harap niya kasi nabigay na yun noong mag-best friends kami, so, hindi ko na kailangang mag-best foot forward. I mean kung ano yung nakilala niya noon, ganun pa rin naman ngayon. So, yun siguro yung maganda doon kasi nothing to hide, yung hindi ko na kailangang magpa-cool or magpa-pogi or something. Yun nga, kasi sanay na siya sa akin, kilalang-kilala na niya ako.”

Julie agrees with Rayver. She’s happy to say that she never had a hard time working with him, more so now that they are a couple.She says, “Kasi si Ray yan, e. Never naman akong nagkaroon ng struggle working with Ray ever since. At saka kilala naman niya ako and kumbaga, yung level of comfortability siguro, mas nag-level up.”

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Julie Anne’s solitude

For the longest time, Julie Anne was enjoying a life of solitude and the perks of being a single woman.

She explains, “Ang tagal ko ring single, ang tagal kong…I didn’t have anybody. I didn’t have someone. So, at that point in time, I was just really trying to enjoy myself and I was trying to enjoy yung solitude—being independent in a sense—because obviously I didn’t have someone and nandoon ako sa phase na yun.”

Being single and independent was not a problem for Julie. In fact, unlike her character in “The Cheating Game,” she’s not the type to list down her standards and ideals for a guy.

Julie emphasizes, “Hindi naman ako calculated or something, kumbaga hindi ko naman kailangan ilista ‘yung mga characteristics ng guy, like ng ideal guy. Kasi for me, kapag naglalagay ka ng ideals mo sa isang tao, parang na-bo-box yung thoughts mo or yung idea mo doon sa isang tao because you want the person to be that for you.”

Julie is proud to say that her love for Rayver does not fall to the bounds of any ideal or standard, which makes it more exciting. “Si Ray, nagustuhan ko siya for who he is as a person. ‘Tapos siyempre, mas nakilala ko pa siya lalo, na malalim din pala siyang tao and sobrang dami naming similarities, and we really get along. I don’t know, you just feel it, e.” Even if she has Rayver in her life, Julie Anne still enjoys her independence but with an added value. “Now, I still enjoy myself pero like, siyempre, mas inspired. Inspired sa life, inspired sa lahat kasi nandiyan siya, because of him,” she says with a smile.

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Complementing each other

Julie and Rayver agree that they complement each other. This becomes evident when they are asked to describe each other. Julie answers first: “Si Ray is very sweet, very loving, and very thoughtful hindi lang sa akin pero pati na rin sa family, sobrang maalaga. At saka wala ka nang hahanapin, parang nasa kanya na lahat.”

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Ryan Cruz custom suit

Rayver then tells FreebieMNL, “Alam mo, yung nakakatawa doon, kasi kung ano yung mga sinasabi niya, ganun din yung sasabihin ko [tungkol] sa kanya. Ang maganda kasi doon parang kami, magkaparehas na version, naging boy and girl lang. So parang naging super swak kami! Kasi si Juls, kapag wala sa work, sobrang sweet, malambing, palagi siyang naka-check sa akin. Pagka nag-vi-visit ako sa kanila, maalaga siya and family-oriented, same ko rin. So, gustung-gusto siya ng family ko.”

Speaking of family ties, Julie has always been vocal that her parents’ thoughts matter a lot to her, and she is grateful that she and Rayver have her family’s blessing. Julie narrates, “Ang saya kasi kapag may blessing talaga ng family and ng parents. Importante talaga yun. Sobrang importante yun kasi hindi mahirap gumalaw. At saka alam mong okay kasi yung mga magulang, nanggaling na sila diyan, e. So, alam nila kung ano yung hindi okay at saka okay. Happy ako and grateful ako sa kanila kasi pinili nilang kilalanin si Ray and may blessing talaga from them at saka nakakatuwa kasi they love him.”

Julie’s family values complement how Rayver’s family matters to him, especially the way he was raised by his late parents.

Rayver explains, “Siguro yung values din kasi namin sa family ko and yung naituro sa akin ng parents ko is talagang i-respect nang mabuti yung mga magulang and ganun din sa kanya. Yung sabi ko nga na pupunta ako sa kanila, aakyat ako ng ligaw, kausapin ko yung mga magulang niya and pormal ako na magpapaalam kasi importante yun. Kung medyo old school yung style nila Juls, ganun din naman kami, hindi lang kita kasi siyempre, mga all boys kami nila Rodjun.”

Rayver has, in fact, treated Julie’s parents like his own, especially now that he has lost both of his parents. “Pero, I mean yung upbringing is medyo same, kaya talagang alam ko rin kung paano yung tama and doon lang tayo sa tama. Kasi siyempre, importante yung approval ng parents,” reiterates Reyver. “Automatic yan, package deal yun. Kapag mahal mo yung isang tao, automatic, mahal mo yung lahat ng family niya. Yun yung importante, di ba? At saka ang laking bagay sa akin ng mga magulang, especially na wala na kaming parents ni Rodjun. Siyempre, gusto ko naman in the future, meron pa rin akong magulang.”

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Ryan Chris custom black ensemble

JulieVer’s ultimate goal

Despite being a new couple, it seems like Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz are already looking forward to the next level of their relationship.

This becomes evident in their answer to FreebieMNL’s question of what they’re looking forward to the most in their relationship.

Without batting an eyelash, Julie Anne answers, “Last one. Last relationship. Charot!” She then expounds, “Yun naman talaga ang ultimate goal. Siyempre, I want to wake up every day inspired sa kanya, sa pagmamahal sa kanya. And marami akong nilo-look forward kasi siyempre, mahaba-haba pa yung tatakbuhin. Basta through thick and thin, hindi naman ako—I’m not going anywhere naman. I’m always here and he knows naman why I’m here and what I signed up for.”

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Rayver also declares that Julie is his “endgame.”

He expounds, “Maiksi lang naman ako sumagot pero alam naman ni Juls na siya na yung endgame ko and very positive sa side na yun. As long as we put naman God the center of everything, everything will fall perfectly in place.”

He then turns to Julie and tells her, “So, just like you, so perfect.”

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It’s at this point when we ask Julie and Rayver to give each other a message. 

Looking closely at his partner, Rayver says, “Ang message ko lang sa ‘yo ay palagi akong nandito. Kahit anong mangyari, I’ll be your number one fan, and alam mo naman kung gaano kita kamahal.”

Smiling, Julie replies, “Ganoon din naman, ganun din naman ako kay Ray. Alam naman niya kung gaano ko rin siya kamahal. And lagi lang ako nandito, no matter what, through thick and thin, I’m always here and I’m not going anywhere. Basta kung nasaan ka, nandun ako palagi.” Rayver then quips: “Road to ‘for-Rayver’ ito!” Julie seconds this, saying, “May ‘for-Rayver’ na si Julie!”

Photography Wilmark Jolindon assisted by Jobo Nacpil
Art and Art Direction
Alexandra Lara
and Cover Story
Jimpy Anarcon
Ria Geleen Javate
Keith Angelo (Julie Anne) and Ivor Jullian (Rayver)
Arthur Tolentino (Julie Anne)
Gela Laurel (Julie Anne)
Dexter Gonzalgo (Rayver)
Special Thanks
Chester Singian and Felix Ilaya of Sparkle GMA Artist Center

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