Bretman Rock

Filipino-American online sensation Bretman Rock was hailed the Breakthrough Social Star at the first MTV Awards: Unscripted held last May 18 (Manila Time). Upon receiving the award, Bretman appeared ecstatic and quipped, “Hey guys, I’ve never prepared a speech before so what I’m about to say is unscripted or whatever.” During his acceptance speech, the […]
Are you ready for this fashion comeback? Crocs may be known as the kind of shoes people love to hate, but it seems to be getting more love recently. From January to March 2021, its sales have been soaring–the company’s revenues reached USD 460 million, which is a 64 percent increase compared to their sales […]
Vlogger and beauty influencer Bretman Rock earned praises on social media after he insisted on buying products from a local beauty brand in the Philippines even if he was offered to have them for free.  We often hear stories about influencers taking advantage of the power they hold to influence others by leveraging absurd deals […]
Do you know Bretman Rock better than his sister Princess Mae, cousin/assistant Miss Kay, and best friend Larry? Here are random facts about MTV Following's newest star.

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