Are you having difficulty keeping up with your to-do list amid the ongoing community quarantine? Well, there’s a method that’s been generating buzz for its simple yet effective method to boost overall productivity levels and optimism. Introducing the Zen to Done (ZTD) system. Developed by author Leo Babauta, the Zen to Done system helps you […]
From new series to returning seasons, 2020 was a year full of binge-worthy Netflix shows that kept us company while we were in quarantine. If you’re wondering which ones you should still be keeping tabs on for newer seasons, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the world’s favorite 2020 Netflix original shows that […]
There are thousands of horror films out there that you can choose from for your cozy Halloween movie marathon. From terrifying masterpieces to fun B-grade films perfect for hate-watching, your options are unlimited. However, if you want to create a movie marathon lineup packed with classics that helped shape or redefine horror cinema, here are […]
Why Listen to Podcasts?Need a distraction while doing a chore or workout you hate? Podcasts. Love digital entertainment, but your eyes are strained from all that screen time? Podcasts. Want to discover new things and stories but don’t have the energy to read? Podcasts!  Podcasts are the best way to optimize your time while doing […]
In the past few months, remote freelancing has become a vital part of more people’s lives. Without the structure that regular jobs offer, though, the setup can be quite daunting to navigate. I know I definitely struggle with the challenges of freelancing from time to time. So, here are some essentials that have made freelancing […]

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