Home Décor

Got the decorating bug? We get it. Reorganizing and getting your room together makes it feel like you’re getting your life together (even when it’s falling apart). But really, finding new pieces and mixing and matching furniture and decor gives us a joy like no other. If you want your room to have that extra […]
Living in the Metro means you most likely have a balcony, or a backyard, or just a random space that isn’t filled up. Instead of piling all your extra junk in this space, why don’t you try and liven it up? For all our condo inhabitants out there, here are some of the cutest ideas […]
Sometimes, the department store just doesn’t cut it. For all the home décor enthusiasts out there, there’s a whole list of Instagram shops where you can get your next favorite piece. Buying from these shops would mean that you’d be supporting local homemakers like your friend or neighbor and getting unique décor you can’t find […]

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