The cutthroat Korean drama has now surpassed the likes of Bridgerton, The Witcher, and Money Heist. After weeks upon weeks of hype, memes, and honeycomb challenges, Netflix has finally certified that its original series Squid Game is the most popular show that the streaming platform has ever released. On Tuesday, Netflix tweeted that the dystopian South Korean survival drama series has been sampled […]
Are you a huge fan of Korean movies? Well, you and your fellow Korean stans can binge on all the Korean films you want through GMovies, in partnership with Upstream, the country’s newest video-on-demand streaming service. One Korean flick you should definitely have on your radar is A Day, a Korean mystery thriller starring Kim […]
Admit it or not, K-Dramas have raised the bar when it comes to entertainment, not just for us Filipinos but for neighboring Asian countries as well. Of course, we can’t deny the presence of the undeniably good-looking actors that makes our viewing experience even better. But what actually makes a good drama? Before we became […]
It isn’t often that K-dramas run for two seasons. Usually, we’re given 16 episodes and that’s the end of the story. But Hospital Playlist, one of the most beloved K-dramas in Netflix last year, is operating a bit differently. Its first season only had 12 episodes with the promise of another season with a similar […]
In partnership with FanLife BLINKS can rejoice in the fact that their darling Jisoo is set to star in an upcoming Korean drama called Snowdrop. The K-pop singer will star opposite Something in the Rain lead actor, Jung Hae-in, in what will be her first lead role as an actress. Snowdrop will revolve around a […]
In partnership with FanLife It’s not unusual for Korean artists to dabble in different forms of media. In between recordings and career changes, multi-talented pop stars can often be seen in the next big movie or K-drama; that’s why if you’ve ever thought you saw a familiar face, you probably have! If you want to […]
CLOY fans had a reason to rejoice once again as rumors arose that the 2019 hit drama’s second leads, Seo Ji-Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun, are dating. Seo played as wealthy North Korean Seo Dan who fell in love with Kim’s South Korean fugitive Gu Seung-Jun in the massively popular K-drama Crash Landing On You. Sports […]


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