Trans people are often overlooked, especially at work. A trans person’s gender identity is different from the one assigned to them at birth. Many are curious about what it’s like to be trans. Sadly, transgender visibility doesn’t matter to many. Trans people are often misgendered. Or worse, overlooked. This happens everywhere, especially in the workplace. […]
I’m Sam, and I’m this publication’s resident lesbian tita. I’m always chided for being such a tita. A lesbian tita, to be exact. At 30, my back always hurts, and I can’t stand for extended periods anymore. I gave up alcohol, and my go-to hot beverages are coffee and tea. I went to Pride March […]
They’re more than just letters. Many have heard of the LGBTQIA+ acronym, but few understand what it means. The acronym became famous in the 1980s, replacing the words “gay” and “lesbian.” It’s an umbrella term that rolls off the tongue. This acronym has an important meaning. It also has a long history that dates back […]
She made Pride Month extra special for the Philippines. Fuschia Anne Ravena is this year’s Miss International Queen. She earned her crown after besting 22 other contestants at the pageant held in Thailand on July 25, 2022. Colombia’s Jasmine Jimenez won first runner-up. Consequently, France’s Aela Chanel came in as the second runner-up. View this […]
My partner is a transman, the first I’ve dated in my lifetime. I met my LGBTQIA+ partner at a precarious time in my life. I was going through a very bad break-up, and he came crashing into my life without warning. At the time, I had been single for two months already, and my friends […]
The dance group is one of the first of its kind in the Philippines. Nariese Giangan, an out-and-proud lesbian and advocate of LGBT rights, is the mother of TFX. The inspiration came from watching Thai lesbian dance groups that covered K-Pop groups. Thus, TFX was born. Nariese was also inspired by a group of her […]
Bars are a dime a dozen, but this one is different. I discovered Miss Kon while scrolling through TikTok. The video I saw featured butch lesbians dancing onstage. It piqued my curiosity because I thought the bar represented lesbians so well. The bar itself didn’t have an official TikTok account, but most of the dancers […]
Redmayne’s casting was met with controversy which said that the role should’ve gone to a trans woman. Six years since he starred as Lili Elbe in the critically acclaimed film The Danish Girl, Academy Award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne recently reflected on playing the iconic trans woman, saying it was “a mistake” to take on the role. […]


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