Taking care of a pet is pretty much like taking care of a child. You need to give them all that they need for them to grow healthy and happy. That’s why it’s a must for you to bring your pets to a veterinarian. While it may be tempting to take matters into your own […]
Who says training pets is hard? On the contrary, it’s actually quite easy! Dogs are highly food-motivated, so with the right amount of time, patience, and treats, your fur pal can learn even the most complicated tricks. Take some time out of your day to sit your dog down and try out these tricks! Speak […]
Isn’t it fun to know that your favorite celebrities are dedicated pet parents like the rest of us? These local celebs own a variety of furry companions, of all shapes and sizes, so let’s get to know them! Nadine Lustre It only makes sense that as a staunch supporter of animal rights, Nadine Lustre has […]
AcousticTrench, a fingerstyle guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, posts guitar, harp, kalimba, and drum covers on YouTube. We usually see him accompanied by his dog named Maple, who sometimes even plays the drums! (Yes, she’s that amazing.) Check out some of this amazing duo’s covers below: Photos: YouTube/AcousticTrench Trench and Maple Although Trench has been posting videos […]
The internet is full of many gems. There’s Norbert the therapy dog, who looks so cute with his tongue sticking out all the time, and Charlie the Dalmatian, a puppy who has heart-shaped spots in his eyes. We discovered another one: Pringles, a white Maltipoo with black fur just above his mouth, which makes him […]
Find out which dog breed ranked the highest in the Philippines, and why Pinoys love them.
A quick check on our social media accounts could already brighten or dampen our mood for the rest of the day. So while we try to keep up with what’s happening in the world, we also check out the Instagram feeds of these super cute dogs that never fail to make us smile! Get to […]
Dogs that need loving homes need your help! Calling all those who can adopt and welcome dogs into their homes, especially residents of Bacolod City–there are still 20+ dogs that need to be rescued before February 19, 2021. Photos: Instagram/pawssionproject Rescue needed According to Pawssion Project, dogs at the Bacolod City pound are on death […]


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