If you’re a fan of colored eyeliner, these local stores on Shopee are where it’s at. The FreebieMNL team discovered three local makeup brands that sell amazing eye make-up. They sell colored neon eyeliners and multichrome eyeshadows. And you know what the best part is? These brands are all on Shopee! Owned by Filipinos, these […]
Because we know how confusing and expensive technology can get.  Gaming PCs have become more popular than consoles in the past few years. This is because a gaming PC allows you to run a complete desktop operating system. That makes PCs more versatile than a PS5 or Xbox One. You can also upgrade components whenever […]
Filipino shoppers are in for big deals and discounts for the mid-year! While 6.6 is already over, that was only the beginning of Shopee’s mid-year celebrations! Shoppers can look forward to “Mas Mura sa Shopee” deals all the way to 7.7! The platform is all about providing an incredible shopping experience to its customers, hence […]
This trendy K-Beauty brand will make you look ‘예쁘다 (pretty)’! If you follow beauty trends, you know that Korean beauty products are hot right now. This is because most of them are so easy to use. MERZY is one such brand. It’s also quite popular. During Shopee’s 6.6. Mid-Year sale, some beauty mavens got first […]
Don’t miss these sweet deals the next time you add to your cart. The Philippines has picturesque views, but our weather patterns can become a problem. Those who dare to go outside when it’s raining can end up stranded, wet, or worse. Luckily, online shopping is now an option, especially with the Shopee Mid-Year Sale. […]
Upgrade your gadgets, skincare routine, and wardrobe with these deals. It’s that time of the month again. More brands are slashing their prices for the Shopee 5.5 Brand Day Sale. Enjoy discounts and promo bundles when you “add to cart” today, May 5. Whatever you need, your favorite brands will treat you to perks through […]
Once you try Colgate’s new electric toothbrush, there’s no going back. After staying indoors for years, we’re finally able to see other people face to face. No one will notice if you don’t shower and change before virtual get-togethers. But for in-person ones, you definitely need to look presentable. Investing in the right tools will […]

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