Skin Care

Unless you’re a vampire or as ridiculously blessed as Cher, it’s inevitable for father time to catch up on you. Your skin will get drier, wrinkles will eventually show, and sun spots will show up. It’s simply part of life. However, experts agree that there’s a powerful skincare ingredient that can help you look more […]
Unless you’re one of the few chosen ones whose skin doesn’t break out at all, it’s normal to have breakouts every now and then. Unfortunately, acne can really take its toll on one’s self-esteem. With so many options in the world of beauty products, it can be tempting to go panic buying and try every […]
Think your skin’s already safe from damaging light by just staying at home? If you spend most of your time facing your computer or phone screen for work, school, and other activities, then you need protection from blue light, too! Photos: Instagram/happyskin_ph Blue light Since you have been spending more time indoors using gadgets, your […]
Looking for a new item to add to your skincare routine? You may want to try Human Nature‘s new Marine Caviar HydroMiracle Essence, which is made from vitamin-rich latô or seaweed! Photo: Facebook/humanheartnature This fast-absorbing essence provides intense and instant hydration and would complement the other products in Human Nature’s Marine Caviar HydroMiracle line. It’s […]
Yes, maskne is a real thing!  During the isolation period, many people have expected to achieve a clearer complexion as a result of just staying at home and not using makeup products frequently. Unfortunately, some of us are still seeing skin breakouts during the quarantine.  Even though you’re not doing your daily commute from office […]


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