Have you ever had a scary feeling that you were awake while you were sleeping? There’s suddenly a huge pressure on your chest, but you can’t move; you may even start seeing shadows or figures lurking about in your room. We know it’s frightening, but don’t worry, you’re most likely not being possessed. What you’re […]
Getting a good night’s sleep seems to be more difficult to come by as the years pass. Work, relationships, and even social media keep us up late at night, consequently messing with our sleep cycle and causing us to become tired, sluggish, and moody. Though it can be easy to ignore our everyday lifestyle, it’s […]
Essential oils can be used for a variety of reasons. Be it for relaxation, stress-relief, or even digestion aid, they are great for you and your body! With all the different types of essential oils, it’s important to know what each one can bring to the table to ensure you get the most out of […]
Back pain can come as a result of age, bad posture, or continuous stress on your back area. Whatever the reason, it happens and it happens to most of us. Surprisingly, a lot of younger people are reporting back pain in their early to mid-twenties, which can tell a lot about how our lifestyle affects […]
Yep, this is your sign to re-watch “Inception.” The way Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the movie puts it, time dilates when we’re dreaming, where a minute in reality can stretch to an hour in the dream world. Now, a breakthrough experiment has debunked this by establishing a logical dialogue with lucid dreamers in real-time (sorry, Leo). The study was […]
Having trouble sleeping every night? Don’t worry, there’s a word for that. It’s called insomnia and around 10 million other people in the Philippines suffer from the same condition. It’s one of a number of sleep disorders (along with sleep apnea and narcolepsy) that affect our rest and sleeping patterns. In fact, insomnia is the […]


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