If you’ve ever wanted to tune out the trolls that are wreaking idiocy under a heated Twitter thread, this might be your best bet: Twitter is testing upvote and downvote reaction buttons beside the traditional options to reply and retweet.  In a tweet sent out on Thursday, the micro-blogging site confirms that the feature is currently being […]
It seems like you can post disappearing stories on all social media platforms nowadays. Well, it looks like Twitter is jumping off the bandwagon real soon. The social media giant just announced that they will be removing Fleets in August as it didn’t meet their expectations and it wasn’t able to fulfill much of what they […]
Have the simple star and heart buttons been insufficient in showing your true feelings on Twitter? If so, then you’ll like what Twitter’s apparently cooking up: tweet reactions. Teased by app researcher and well-known Twitter tipster Jane Manchun Wong, the alleged assets that are currently in the works include adding a “cheer,” “hmm,” “sad,” and “haha” emoji […]
Angelica Panganiban took to Twitter a few days ago to air out her frustrations against the Philippine Red Cross and netizens did not respond well. Earlier this week, the actress was allegedly waiting for her turn to be swabbed at a Red Cross facility in Subic. She tweeted the following: “Hello, Red Cross Subic!! Isang oras […]
One of the most iconic meme figures is back on Twitter! Arató András, more popularly known as “Hide the Pain Harold,” tweeted again this month after three and a half years of inactivity on the social media site. Back on Twitter His first tweet back is a photo of himself with the caption, “Hi folks! […]
Twitter isn’t really known for being a peace-loving place for like-minded individuals. It’s more of the opposite, where vitriol peaks and people won’t think twice to type a rage-fueled reaction to an erring politician, a “cancelled” celebrity, or just about anything that doesn’t align with their worldview. Anger is always a valid feeling but sometimes […]
Remember that one time you posted a funny tweet that got so many likes you pinned it to your profile? Well, you might reap something out of that soon besides being a one-hit-wonder. According to tweets by tech blogger and app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is working on a “tip jar” feature that lets your followers […]
Always keep your first-ever works no matter how dull; you never know when they might turn to gold, or in this case, turn to $2.9 million. That’s how much Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey made this week after his first-ever tweet sold at over $2.9 million when bidding closed on the Valuables platform on Monday.  Dorsey first sent the short tweet […]


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