In this day and age that glorifies productivity, it can be tempting to pour all your time and effort into ‘chasing the cheese’ or getting work done. However, overworking yourself may not be good for your health or even your cognitive development.  READ: Here’s how you can break your stress-eating cycle while in quarantine In […]
All of us need a breather every once in awhile. It’s hard to notice when, though, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But if we don’t stop and smell the roses from time to time, we might suffer from overdue feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. That’s why we’ve got a list of […]
Companies and their leaders need to be able to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. That is why it is important to continuously upskill especially during these turbulent times.  So what is THE must-have skill of the future? According to Google LLC’s Chief Innovation Evangelist Frederik G. Pferdt, it’s empathy. As reported by BusinessWorld, empathy […]
The ongoing pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and while vaccines are slowly being rolled out, it is still uncertain as to when the pandemic will officially end. In fact, according to a psychiatrist at Makati Medical Center, uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extended quarantine have amplified negative emotions, which when piled up […]
Forget the Pomodoro, the Animedoro is in. For all students having trouble with online studying right now, Facebook user Joshua Chen has a fun new trick up his sleeve. He initially posted a Youtube link on popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits with a proposed new study technique for students worldwide. In his video, Chen […]


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