Amid the ongoing pandemic, the spread of fake news has been as dangerous as the virus itself. In response, social media giants such as Facebook have been stepping up the ante in their campaign to shut down pages that spread false claims about the pandemic.  It looks like video sharing platform YouTube is doing its […]
Despite the couple’s explanation, social media users still aren’t buying why they took it down. As of Thursday, the YouTube account of Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat, better known online as JaMill, is now removed from the site as the popular pair shifts their focus onto their relationship. Trinidad shared the news through a series of tweets on Thursday, […]
People started pursuing different hobbies ever since staying home became the norm. With more time in our hands and nowhere to be, hobbies help people stay sane and productive.  If you’ve explored different activities in the past year or so and are looking to learn something new to learn, sewing is definitely something worth pursuing. […]
Rick must be rolling around in all of his sweet royalties, thanks to the people of the Internet. After 12 years since it was uploaded, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” the popular song that immortalized British singer Rick Astley, has now gone beyond one billion views on YouTube on Wednesday. Though the song was released in 1987, it was given […]
BTS’s ‘Permission to Dance’ is all over YouTube. The music video has been trending on the video platform for over a week now, and YouTube is inviting people to take part in a ‘Permission to Dance’ challenge where anyone can create a 15-second short of them dancing to the song. With presence like this on […]
With the rise of corsets in everyday fashion, people are pulling something from the depths of history and recreating it to fit our modern sensibilities. Corsets have a long history so now that a modern form of them is becoming popular, you might wonder about the evolution of this particular piece of clothing.  Fashion historians […]
People have started to rethink their lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home made people realize that they didn’t need to suffer through traffic every single day just to get things done, and it has resulted in people getting disillusioned with city life as it comes with high COVID-19 cases due to how […]
Being viral apparently runs in the family! From breaking YouTube records to raking billions of views on TikTok, The entry of Internet star Bella Poarch to everyone’s radar proved inevitable. Just when we all thought she was another online personality, she turned even more heads when she bared that she was actually born in the Philippines. If the […]
YouTuber Basel Manadil, more popularly known as “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer,” shared to his 4.3 million subscribers that he’s now a Filipino citizen in a vlog entitled “I am FILIPINO.” On Independence Day, he posted, “I am no bird, but I am a free human being with an independent will. Thank you Philippines for having […]

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