6 Places to Visit in Osaka That’s Worth Your Money

The best way to visit places like Osaka and Kyoto is to go where the locals are. That usually means the less expensive tourist spots. Cheaper does not always mean poorer quality! Check out these six cheap yet incredible places to visit in one of Japan’s most famous destinations: 

Minoo Park
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Image From Romeo A. 

Gorgeous sights, a babbling brook, a blanket of lush trees. What’s not to love? Hike the uphill road to get a glimpse of the main attraction, the Minoo Waterfall. An Instagram-worthy view, this place will fill anyone with an appreciation for nature. 

Den Den Town
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Image From Ivan Akimenko

A cheaper alternative to Tokyo’s Akihabara is Den Den Town, a neighborhood for your pop culture, games, and anime needs. The shops are lined along two main streets which makes for easier navigation. There’s also tons of arcades and video games stores that house challenging machines with limited-edition prizes. 


Shin-Sekai looks like it was plucked from Japan’s rich history, due to the fact that the location remains mostly untouched throughout the decades. Enjoy yakitori, order a steaming bowl of hot ramen, drink a mug of beer, sip some warm sake, and hang out with Osaka business men. Shin-Sekai promises one memorable time. 

Tempozan Harbor Village

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Image From Cain Ho

This is a one-stop shopping complex for any tourist, complete with amenities that will definitely satisfy your travel needs. The Festival Marketplace consists of almost 8- dining and retail stores that sell delicacies, accessories and souvenirs for friends and family members. Don’t forget to also visit the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel, one of the largest of its kind in the world! 

Kuromon Ichiban Market

This is a straight-up foodie heaven, so if you want delicious food, you can’t go wrong with this 170 year old establishment. Try fresh sashimi and the other seafood that’s delivered fresh everyday, savor the delicious scallops and high-grade beef grilled in front of you, and sample the delicious sweets on display. You’ll come out of this place happy and packed with energy for the long day ahead. 

Osaka Castle

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Image From Macy Ng

Osaka Castle is one destination that any tourist shouldn’t mis. While it costs 600 yen for adults (children can get in for free!), this landmark gives visitors a glimpse of the country’s vibrant and interesting feudal history. Learn about its emperors, the shoguns and its many battles in its many floors. Don’t miss this piece of Japan’s heritage. 

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