Attention Potterheads: New York is Getting a Butterbeer Bar

Potterheads already got a sneak peek at the first and only Harry Potter Flagship store that’s opening on June 3. As if the three-story building full of merch and memorabilia wasn’t enough news to get excited about, they just announced that the New York location will include a Butterbeer Bar, too.

15 Themed-Rooms

Harry Potter New York is going to be the biggest flagship store in the world, and the attention to detail is fantastic.  From the looks of it, everything looks magical — from the main atrium where Fawkes the Phoenix hangs out, to the Wand Shop where fans can purchase their own wand. There will be 15 different themed areas in the building and it’s confirmed it will be home to New York’s ONLY Butterbeer Bar.

What can you buy at the Butterbeer Bar?

For the initiated, Butterbeer is basically a cream soda with a butterscotch flavor. It contains no alcohol which makes it a kid-friendly beverage. Aside from the regular or frozen variants, visitors can order Butterbeer ice cream and bottled Butterbeer that comes in a souvenir glass. The bottled beverage is brewed and imported from the UK, the glass designed by MinaLima.

Where else can you get Butterbeer?

While fans await the opening of the HP store in New York, a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orland or Japan will be your best bet to get an indulgent glass of Butterbeer. You’ll even get to enjoy the sights and rides that the park has to offer, like the Hogwarts castle and all the other quaint shops mentioned in the books and movies.

The exact location of the Harry Potter store in New York is at 935 Broadway, next to the iconic Flatiron building. Potterheads visiting the Big Apple will be able to hit two birds with one stone on their itinerary.


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