Bali reopens to international travelers but no tourists in sight

Bali reopens to international travelers but no tourists in sight

Dreaming on going on your very own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ adventure? Well, here’s some good news: Bali is now open for select international travelers. Bali recently reopened to international flights from select countries as the pandemic-struck Indonesian holiday island took a step toward welcoming back tourists.

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However, authorities in Bali, who have admitted that they lost its primary source of income as tourism dried up, said there were no international flights expected on Thursday, which was when Bali officially reopened to tourists. 

To enter Bali, foreign tourists must be fully vaccinated and should be in quarantine in accredited hotels for five days and follow strict visa requirements. “We’re ready and waiting for international flights,” said airport spokesman Taufan Yudhistira. “But so far there’s nothing scheduled today.”

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport was open to travelers from 19 countries including South Korea, China, Japan, France, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and New Zealand, authorities said. It should be noted, however, that Australia, a key source of the millions of tourists to the island, was excluded from the list.

Much like the Philippines, Indonesia was devastated by the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus–recording more than 56,000 new COVID-19 cases in just one day in mid-July. Now that the cases have slowed down, the country is slowly opening up to the world again. However, it seems that the majority of people are still hesitant to hop on a plane to Bali for now.

Given how dependent Bali is in its tourism sector, let’s hope that tourists will be more open to venturing out to this dream destination. Because if everything goes well, pretty soon, Filipinos may also get the chance to travel to Bali again as well. 

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