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Filipinos now prefer sustainable hotels

Filipinos now prefer sustainable hotels
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Well, it looks like a lot of Filipinos have become more mindful of the environment. When choosing accommodations during their travels, Filipinos now take into account whether a hotel or resort has sustainable practices built into their operations, they use their towels more than once, and don’t demand housekeeping services every day, as per

This is according to the study on Sustainable Travel Trends by travel booking platform Agoda in partnership with YouGov, a global provider of analysis and data generated in more than 55 markets. As per the study, overall, the survey reveals that people are primarily concerned about overtourism, and are taking necessary measures to make luxury a more sustainable endeavor. Meanwhile, Filipinos have become most concerned about pollution of beaches and waterways, and associate sustainability with accommodations that use renewable energy and water sources.

When asked what they would pledge to do better in a post-COVID travel scenario, the top responses worldwide were #1 manage their waste including using less single-use plastics; #2 switch off the air con and lights when leaving their accommodation; and #3 always look for eco-friendly accommodation.

Meanwhile, Pinoys exclaimed that they were committed to patronize eco-friendly accommodations and to manage their waste such as by using less single-use plastics, at 49% each; 26% are pledging to shop local; 25% are pledging to switch off the air conditioner and lights when they leave the room during their travels in the future.

Knowing how a lot of local and international tourists visit the Philippines for its gorgeous beaches, it’s nice to know more people are taking steps to ensure that their leisurely activities don’t have detrimental effects on the environment. Let’s hope this becomes the norm, and not just a trend. Aside from loving local, people should show some more love to the environment.


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