Forget renting a hotel room; this Laguna AirBnB lets you rent an entire island

When we mention a bed-and-breakfast staycation, what we often envision is driving to five-star property and chilling inside a quiet cabana, a swanky house, or a deluxe hotel room for the weekend.

But sometimes, you can’t get far enough from all your troubles. And with social distancing measures still in place, you can never really be fully safe staying in the usual transient accommodations. 

Therefore, we propose: why not rent an entire private island to yourself instead? 

The three-hectare private island is located in Lumot Lake Port in Cavinti, Laguna. In the middle of the lake’s tranquil setting, families and friends can rest with little to no outside intrusions. 

The house is no less than exceptional either. It has two bedrooms equipped with a couple of king- and queen-sized orthopedic beds; a basic kitchen replete with all your cooking needs; a living room, a bath, and a rain shower. Outside, there’s a bonfire pit with a charcoal griller, perfect for Friday night BBQ sessions.

The best part? A night only costs about P5,000. Not bad for having an entire island to yourself if only for the weekend. You can check out Suzette’s island place on AirBnB.

If the sound of staying on your own private island is tempting, here’s a plot twist for you: there’s actually another private island listed on AirBnB!

Located in the same vicinity in Cavinti, this second island is relatively smaller than the first, but it offers no less than the utmost intimacy within its small plot of land. 

Couples or small groups of friends can retreat to this 80-square meter bungalow shrouded by towering trees in a tranquil lake that offers a beautiful sight of the Sierra Madre mountains. Inside, there’s one bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a study, a kitchen, two baths, and a spacious living room. Or enjoy the great outdoors with their outdoor kitchen and their dap-ay, or stone seats encircling a fire pit.  

This listing comes at a slightly cheaper rate of around P4,500 a night. Both islands are accessible via a 10-minute boat ride from the nearby boat terminal. And don’t worry, there are caretakers on the island staying in a separate housing so you won’t get stranded.

Now this is what you call quarantining in style. 

To find out more about these staycation spots, check out their respective pages on AirBnB here and here.  

(all photos are from AirBnB and their respective hosts)


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