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It really might be time to buy a bike for the city commute

As establishments are starting to reopen and people are going back to their offices, there will be more vehicles on the road as well, but it’s not just the cars and trucks, You will see the rise of bicycles along with them as well. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should pay more attention to bikes: 

Health Benefits

A number of research studies has shown that cycling offers a wide array of benefits for the long term. It’s great for building leg strength, your core, and it actually helps with your mental health. If you’re also trying to lose weight, cycling is an amazing workout even for beginners; moreover, it improves posture, balance, and coordination. 

Environment-friendly alternative

Cycling is one of the best alternatives for transportation. Not only will you get your daily dose of exercise, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint! If your destination is not far enough for a car or not near enough for a walk, then cycling is your best bet! You’ll never know you might even use your bikes as your main transportation in the next couple of years.


Of course, money also plays a role here. Just like in any other vehicle, you would also need to take care and buy gears to make your bike practical for transportation. However, those plus the maintenance fees still wouldn’t amount to the cost of an actual car. If you take into account its overall maintenance, you’ll realize that cars are way too expensive especially for the long term. Plus, with cycling’s health benefits, you wouldn’t even need to buy a gym membership if you bike everyday. 

Difficulty in commuting

Given the safety measures and policies put into place, our daily commutes are also affected. There will be less people accommodated in tricycles, jeepneys, buses, and every transportation vehicle. If commuting was hard before COVID in this country, what more now? Because of this, many people have resorted to cycling for their means of transportation. 

Road Safety

This isn’t just for bikers. You should also pay more attention even when you’re driving. Given the condition of our roads and the lack of commute vehicles, there will definitely be more people biking from point A to point B. It’s our responsibility to keep the street as safe as possible for everyone and not just for those with big and thick metal surrounding them. 

There’s more to bikes than just leisure. Especially in the state that our roads and commutes are in, cycling is starting to be more essential. It’s time that we become more comfortable with these changes that make for a better normal. 


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