Know the Difference: Insulated Tumblers, Vacuum-Sealed Containers, and Thermal Cups

Does your cold drink turn warm? Does your hot coffee go flat? Maybe you need a vacuum sealed tumbler!

They’re being sold everywhere but they’re also a tad more pricey than your average tumbler. Let’s talk about how to keep your drinks hot and cold throughout the day. First of all, let’s clarify the difference between the three to avoid confusion when purchasing:

Insulated tumblers are also called double walled containers – one wall outside and another wall inside to keep the drink cold. It often works only for cold drinks. It cannot insulate hot liquids including coffee and tea, and in fact if you, by chance, end up buying double walled glass vessels because they look pretty, putting hot drinks may break the inner wall if used regularly. Be warned! On the other hand, vacuum-sealed tumblers are good both for cold and hot liquid and can preserve the temperature for longer hours. Lastly, thermal cups, to make things clear are just a term for containers that provides insulation. This means that whether it’s insulated or vacuum-sealed, it’s also considered a thermal container.

Now let’s understand and discuss why vacuum-sealed tumblers have been very popular recently.

Vacuum-Sealed Tumblers Can Help Save Money

Most vacuum tumblers, especially the branded ones or those of higher quality are designed to hold heat or a cold drink for 12 to 24 hours. Are you the type who only prefers drinking cold water? Well imagine the price of a 500ml bottled water and compare it to a 16L-purified water delivered to your home. Did you even realize that the price of the former is almost half of the latter? Well that’s a fact. So if you want cold water for a whole day, just put ice in your tumbler and fill it with purified water at home and bring it anywhere you go. It’s even better if you get a 950ml vacuum-sealed tumbler. A proven life-hack!

Not convinced? Here’s the math. If you buy two 500ml-bottled water everyday for a month, it will cost you approximately P30 daily and P900 a month. How much does a reasonably priced but branded vacuum-sealed tumbler cost? Approximately P1,600 for a 950ml tumbler. In just two months, you have already earned back your “capital”.

Now here’s a better hack! Are you a coffee lover? Have you been buying expensive coffee everyday that costs around P120 to P180 a cup? Or are you the 3-in-1 coffee guy that drinks it daily? Unfortunately, the former is very costly while the latter is very unhealthy! But with a vacuum-sealed tumbler, you can just brew coffee at home and bring it to wherever you are going. Brewed coffee costs around P250 for a 250gram pouch, which is actually good for 20-30 cups. It’s much cheaper and it’s without a doubt healthier!

Going Green

Did you know that each year, landfills receive approximately 40 billion plastic bottles and about 50 billion plastic cups? With a vacuum-sealed tumbler, you help in reducing the use of plastic bottles and cups.

Highly Durable

Vacuum-sealed tumblers, especially the ones with good brands offer extensive warranty. Of course there are limitations on its coverage, but it’s a testament of how confident they are with their product.


It’s not just about making a statement proving you can afford an expensive tumbler; but having one can actually make you more presentable than bringing a plastic bottle. Some offer various colors so it depends on your preference. You can go for the basic stainless or black finish, or you can go for a bold color such as yellow or red.

Vacuum-sealed tumblers are highly recommended to be owned. It provides many benefits for the user and it’s also good for the environment.


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