LOOK: This romantic bubble pod is the perfect place to bring your date

Our usual routine when going out has really changed since the pandemic and creating a romantic ambiance can really be a challenge right now.

If you’re thinking of a place to bring your date somewhere, this bubble pod located at Sheraton Manila Hotel is the perfect place to make your partner feel special and protected!

Introducing, The Vubble, the country’s first bubble pod, is located at the hotel’s outdoor Vega pool and it allows guests to dine in peace since the well-ventilated pod is “completely enclosed in your own space with somebody in your own household and it protect you from all the people walking by.”


The Vubble can accommodate up to four guests per pod and they will enjoy specially-curated 5-meal course.


If you’re looking for a new and safe experience for you and your loved one, you can easily make a reservation by contacting Hilton Manila’s Instagram page!


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