LOOK: UNIQLO just opened its first-ever cafe and it’s as sophisticated as their stores

The LifeWear brand is taking up another one of life’s essentials: coffee!

LOOK: UNIQLO just opened its first-ever cafe and it's as sophisticated as their stores
(Image: UNIQLO via TokyoToday)

Inside Uniqlo’s massive 12-story flagship store in Tokyo’s glamorous Ginza district, a new section is leaving lovers of the LifeWear brand swoon: UNIQLO Café, the fashion retailer’s first-ever foray into food and beverage, located at the topmost level of the building.

 The quaint, minimalist café is part of UNIQLO’s recent renovation of the entire outlet for its 10th anniversary and opened to the public last September 17. Boasting bronze accents and earth tones, the clean-looking café features a brightly lit interior with pure-white walls and spotless wooden counters. couches right by the vast floor-to-ceiling windows so you can catch a panoramic view of Ginza while enjoying your coffee. 

(Image from Instagram: @yuyam76)
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(Image: UNIQLO via TokyoToday)

Speaking of sipping caffeine, UNIQLO Café only offers two coffee drinks for now: the Uniqlo Original Blend Coffee, which goes for Â¥200 (around P90) for the hot and iced variant, and the Geisha Bean Hand-Drip Coffee that costs Â¥450 (around P200) a cup. Both drinks are brewed using UNIQLO’s proprietary, high-quality beans. 

Both also go perfectly well with a plate of their Butter Cookies, which is made by long-time Japanese luxury confectioner Ginza West, for just Â¥200. 

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(Images: UNIQLO via TokyoToday)
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(Image from Instagram: @waruo)

Outside the café, other new and exciting sections abound inside the store. There is also a suit salon and an in-house florist called the UNIQLO Flower greeting customers right up front, spruced up with Japan’s rich and colorful seasonal flowers. On every floor, there is also a “museum style” installation that features both the stunning design and the innovative technology with which their LifeWear clothes are made. 

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(Images: UNIQLO via TokyoToday)

Now, if only UNIQLO’s flagship store in the Philippines could have a café, then that would be a welcome break from our shopping sprees.

Would you want local UNIQLO branches in the Philippines to launch a café too?

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