Love is literally in the air with Enchanted Kingdom’s “Dinner in the Sky”

(Screengrab from Facebook: Enchanted Kingdom)

If you and your partner have been stressing over where to spend Valentine’s Day, Enchanted Kingdom has got you covered with its Enchanting K-Dinner in the Sky

(Screengrab from Facebook: Enchanted Kingdom)

Take a ride aboard Enchanted Kingdom’s giant Ferris wheel, the Wheel of Fate, and marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views of Santa Rosa from 160 feet up in the air! If this doesn’t take your relationship to the next level, we don’t know what will.

Compliant with social distancing rules? Check. An intimate and romantic dinner with your sweetheart? Check. A place where you could act out your own K-Drama fantasy? Big check.

Couples can choose from two packages: Package A (P2,000) is fit for two people, and comes with two regular day passes, a Korean-inspired dinner for two aboard the Wheel of Fate, and couple masks. Meanwhile, Package B (P3,900 is tailored for couples going on a double date, as it comes with four regular day passes, dinner for four, and four matching souvenir masks.

The concept is nothing new as the country’s oldest amusement park has been doing this as far back as 2016. But perhaps it is at its most appealing this year — not only is the dinner inspired by popular Korean cuisine this year, but it’s also the perfect getaway for couples who still want to splurge with their sweethearts amidst the pandemic. Of course, it’s not restricted just to couples!

Who are you taking to the top of the Wheel of Fate with you?


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